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Iron Banner Loot Issues and Potential Fixes

I've read quite a bit (and enough) posts from people expressing their dissatisfaction with the loot mechanics for Iron Banner (mainly the RNG). Instead of bashing Bungie and call people degrading names, I'd rather share my frustration calmly and hope to share a few decent points that could hopefully be implemented in the future. To start off, I LOVE Destiny. I love the grind, I love the gameplay, I love Bungie (rooting from Halo: CE), and I love the community (most of the time). The only reason that I would share my dissatisfaction is because of my love for the game and the desire to see it grow into something great and succeed. I hope that the developers could see this as a die-hard fan wanting to work WITH them instead of AGAINST them in order to see one of my favorite games become something amazing. Alright, into what EVERYONE is complaining about, the loot and RNG of Iron Banner. The system in my opinion is nice, but I feel as if it is flawed or missing another component to make it shine. Now, I feel more fortunate than the rest of the community, in my first 10 packages, I only managed to get 1 duplicate, but sitting at my 20th package, I have yet to get the Titan Chest, Legs, and the SMG. Now, I'm saying this WITHOUT knowing the actual drop rates of the items, but the RNG seems a bit more skewed towards the weapons. I get the mindset, who doesn't like to shoot things with cool looking guns, but I would also like to look cool as well. If there is going to be previews of my character wearing the ENTIRE armor set, and advertisements of the full armor set, one would assume it would be relatively simple to acquire the full set, right? Now, possible solutions! I would like to reiterate that I am in no way angry at the developers for "creating a garbage system" or "effing over the community," they are simply trying to bring new elements to the sequel. I am PASSIONATE about this game and would not like to see it follow the elements that most AAA games fall victim to that ultimately cause the fan-base and community to turn their back on the game itself. Hopefully these next possible solutions to the "problems" the community is facing with the loot system will strike something with someone in the team. 1. I read an article from Forbes addressing the issue everyone is facing and a solution they suggested was increasing the EXP (or token gain) as the week progresses. This would help with people (namely collectors like myself) who would like to gain all of the gear available without having pour all of their playtime in the game into the Crucible. There are other aspects of the game (Nightfall, Raid, Vanguard, etc.) that I would like to experience, but with the token gain as it currently is, I cannot play those game modes as I am heavily invested into this game mode in hopes of trying to gain all of the gear. In addition, people have lives outside of this game (work, social life, family, etc.). If Destiny 2 is catered to the casuals like I'm always hearing, then this would be a good way of helping people who can't invest heavy hours into this event. 2. Offering the ability to purchase some of the gear from Saladin (via Glimmer, Tokens, Legendary Shards) would help with people who REALLY don't have all the time in the world to play the game catch up. This method would also help with the RNG of the packages, letting players purchase (with in-game currency) the pieces they have yet to acquire. The stock could rotate daily with the reset and could include armor pieces across classes (Arms for all classes one day, chest for all classes another, etc.) in a way that is similar to Xur. This kind of thing shouldn't be too hard to implement seeing as how the regional vendors have Packages and Items available for purchase. 3. Instead of including random items throughout the entire game in the Packages, maybe include 2 Iron Banner items. This doesn't have to be static, meaning just getting 2 Iron Banner items with every package, but tweek the drop rate and give a chance (moderate hopefully) of this happening. The goal of playing Iron Banner is to get gnarly looking gear, right? It doesn't make too much sense getting a Uriel's Gift from an Iron Banner package, does it? This is all that I could come up with after playing the event since the first minute, and I hope that this is seen as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism rather than me railing Bungo for making a "broken system." I would rather try to help solve a problem than blindly through toxic feedback without any solution. If you did agree with anything I wrote, please feel free to talk about it and rate the thread positively. My hopes are that I spark something in everyone and get everyone thinking of different ways on how to improve upon this wonderful game, not fuel blind hatred. Thanks for all your hard work, Bungie! Roacherino

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