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Legends 2: Shattered Minds Chapter 1: The Fall

The city hawk cut through the sky, flying god knows where. V sat in the cockpit piloting while Tesmin, Vulcan, and Silas-28 sat in the back. Everyone stayed silent, even Vulcan, giving the atmosphere a somber mood. Two weeks. That's how long since the cabal took their light, and how long they've been on the run. They've run into a few cabal scouts, as well as other things, and managed to make it out mostly unscathed due to their combat prowess. Eventually, Tesmin couldn't take the silence. “V, do you even know where you're flying this hunk of junk?” He asked suddenly. V sighed. “Can you stop asking that every ten minutes?” He asked back, angry. “Well maybe if you admit that you don't know where to go and that we're absolutely lost, then yes,” he yelled back. V put the ship on auto-pilot then turned around in his seat. “Do you want to fly, Tesmin?” He looked infuriated “Cause you’re not exactly coming up with any suggestions.” “Well here's one,” he stood up “How about you go-” “Enough!” Everyone turned to Silas. “We can't start bickering again over pointless things. Keep both of your prides in check.” He pointed to both of them. Even without his light, Silas was still a force to be reckoned with. And everyone in this ship knew what he could do and didn't want to get on his bad side. V turned back around mumbling something about stabbing something and Tesmin sat back down quietly. Vulcan finally lifted his head up to speak. “First off, Silas is right. Second off, I think you should put us down somewhere V. We could all stand to be out of this ship for a while.” The lumbering Titan said. Normally, Vulcan was cheery to the point of annoyance, which is why his serious tone was unsettling to some. V mumbled something again then found a clearing in the rocks to land. The ship touched down and everyone got off. V, the loner hunter with a bad attitude. Vulcan, the huge awoken titan. Tesmin, the quiet warlock. And Silas, the man with multiple personalities. The clearing wasn't that large, with only scattered trees and rocks around, but it was still enough to land the ship. Everyone stalked off to their own places to be with their thoughts. Silas sat on a nearby rock, his head in his hands. V sighed and walked over to him. “Feeling bad about yourself again, huh?” He stood over Silas. He looked up as V looked down on him. Silas sighed. “What do you want, V?” He asked, annoyed. “I was just wondering if you got some kinda plan for this whole situation, oh fearless leader,” he said, with sarcasm in the last part. “Sure I do, we run,” he said “Run?” V looked shocked, “You of all people want us to run?” “V, we're dealing with an enemy that we can't understand and we lost our light. We can’t fight back, so we're gonna run until I come up with a better plan,” Silas put his head in his hands, exhausted. “Oh, drop the tough guy act,” V sounded annoyed, “We know that your whole tough guy thing is just for intimidation.” V was right, Silas was a master of psychological warfare and adopting an act to make him seem like an invincible warrior. “Besides who, might I ask, ever made you the leader here. You don't make decisions for us just because you don't have a plan.” “If I recall correctly you did with that whole fearless leader comment,” He joked, before yelling, “V, Marcus doesn't even have a plan!” “So, we'll wing it,” he crossed his arms, “You should know that we don't give up at this point, Silas. We spent an entire year together.” “Look, we never gave up because we were confident in our abilities, but now we don't have the light,” he replied, “We should just go into hiding somewhere until the time was right. I have a few good hideouts.” “Well why'd you even go with me to the city in the first place if you were gonna run at the first sign of trouble!” V exploded, “That's always bothered me, you stayed away from the city for practicality your entire life. So why'd you go back after I found you, you get lonely or something.” “You mentioned rumors about me, so I wanted to see who began these rumors,” Silas sounded surprisingly calm. “And why'd you stay?” V looked hurt, even though he usually couldn't stand Silas. “Because I thought it might be beneficial to be in the city and be close to the vanguard,” he replied. “So we were, what, just pawns so you could benefit yourself?” V was getting angry. “Formalities so I could understand the situation that the rest of humanity was in,” the calmness in Silas’ voice was still off off putting. V looked like he could hit Silas. “Well then,” he said, “Enjoy living your life alone and as a coward while we fight for our city.” V stomped off, leaving Silas on his own. Silas sighed as his ghost, Nora, appeared in front of him. Nora looked terrible, her one eye glitched out and her shell sagged and looked damaged. Silas looked up at her, then looked down at his feet again. “S-Silas,” she spoke, her voice only glitching slightly, “I’ve known you for your entire life as a guardian. I know you better than the own voices in your head,” she spoke, only half-joking, “And I know when you're lying.” Silas sighed. “Your point,” he said. “My point is that I want to know why you lied to V,” she said, calmly. “Cause I thought that if I told him that I never really cared about them, then it'd be easier for them to leave me,” he looked at his hands, “I'm just a burden to them. I'll only cause them pain.” “Or, do you think that you don't deserve to have friends, to have happiness?” She asked, skeptically. “Nora, you were right when you said you know me better than anyone,” he said, “And you know all of the things I've done. If you know all that then how could you think that I do deserve to have friends?” “Because, the good in you outnumbers the bad. You've been through so many hardships in life, Silas, so many tragedies. That's why you do deserve them. So that they can make you a better person.” She said, confident in her words, “But that doesn't change the fact that when the going got too rough for you, you got running. Even if you abandoned people in the process.” “You know that what's tough for me means that it's on a completely different level then what we know,” he said, “You know the kind of things that I can do, and the power that I have.” “You're right,” she said, “but that doesn't answer my questions. Are you going to abandon them too?” Silas looked up. “No, not them,” he said, “They're the first real friends I've ever had. I've laughed with them, fought with them, and cried with them. They're the first ones that I opened up to, and the accepted the real me.” He said with passion. He got up and began walking towards the ship. “What about Carolina?” Nora asked quietly as he passed by her. “That's not fair,” he said, not looking back at her. “No it isn't,” she replied, “but it's still the truth. She was your friend and you abandoned her.” “Abandoned her?” Silas looked back, “Nora, you saw what she was doing, the people, THE GUARDIANS, she killed. I had no other choice.” “What about the other people you met during our little excursion through-” Nora began, but was interrupted. “We agreed to never talk about that again,” Silas interrupted, “Besides, I never really knew them.” Nora sighed. “Fine, but you still left Carolina to die,” she said, “You could have done something.” “She was too far gone, I couldn't have saved her from herself,” he sighed, “I did the only thing that I could.” “What about them?” She said, pointing to the others. They were all inside the ship as Vulcan gathered them all inside for something. “Would you do the same to them?” They're not like Carolina,” he said, “They wouldn't do something like that.” “You didn't answer my question,” Nora said. Silas took a moment to respond. “I'm gonna make sure that it never comes to that point,” he answered. Nora seemed disappointed. “Then I know your answer,” she responded quietly. Silas was about to say more when Vulcan called him over to the ship. “We've gotten new messages over the city frequency,” he said, sounding happy for the first time in weeks. “One was from Zavala, telling us to regroup on Titan. The other was about a safe haven in the EDZ.” “We can't head to Titan,” V said, “That place has been overrun by the hive for years.” “Then we go to the Farm,” Silas said. Even though Vulcan hadn't mentioned what the location was called, “I have a few old friends over that way anyways.” Everyone nodded, without argument, and got into the ship. V put his hand on Silas’ shoulder before they got in though. “Silas, we've gotten to know each other pretty well over the past year, and Nora isn't the only one who can tell when you're lying,” he said with a sly smile. Silas smiled as well. “So what do you plan to do now?” He asked. Silas took a few moments before answering, “We fight.” [b]Table of Contents:[/b]

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