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Legends Origins Chapter 6: Vulcan

Hey guys, this (along with last chapter) is a crossover with Sebve's "Lord of Echoes" series. Please check his series out at this link here Anyways, enjoy. As we charged out to meet whatever the Syndicate had to throw at us it turned out that we didn't have to. The rest of the guardians assigned to rescue guardians being experimented on had already gotten here and taken care of it. "Nice of you three to join us," one said, standing over a Syndicate soldiers body. Jeck looked around at the steel doors that lined the hallways with no windows to look in. "Are these where the guardians are being held?" He asked the others. "Think so, but we can't look in or even open them, so we can't be sure," the same one that had greeted us said. Jeck nodded, and we made our way through the halls. "Control center coming up on your left," my ghost said to everyone over the comms. Sure enough, as we took a left we found a glass window looking into the wide halls, with a door on its left. Me, Jeck, and Caitlyn, all went inside as the others stood watch outside. "Alright ghost, see if you can open up the cell doors," I said, walking over to a nearby console. "Will do," he said as he started. I was starting to get unnerved a few minutes later, why was it so quiet, why was this so easy, and where where all of the guards? I was brought out of my thoughts as my ghost started speaking, "This is... I don't know what's going on. I just keep seeing blueprints with different labels each time I check again, along with information that is different. When I checked once it said that the lab was on floor 5, now it says it's on floor 2. And I can't find anything else related to this floor, or anywhere else in the building. It's like they're waiting for a ghost to hack there systems and spoon feeding us information..." my ghost trailed off as we all realized what was going on. Suddenly, all of the cells opened up. A hunter standing in front of one was immediately impaled by a knights sword and dragged into the cell by it. Scores of hive poured out of every cell, catching the guardians outside off guard and quickly overpowering them with the small size of the halls, and their numbers. "IT'S A TRAP!" Jeck yelled as we watched the hive pour out, "Guardians are reporting that the building's been sealed, and there are reports of poison gas, bombs going off, squads of elite Syndicate guards wiping out fire teams on every floor," he said panicked, "Its different for everyone, we can't prepare for what we're going to be facing!" He yelled in a full out panic know. That's when the hive noticed them behind the glass and yelled, finding new victims, "Ghost, lock the doors!" I yelled "I can't! There are no external systems apart from the lights, it's like they aren't connected. They were using this base as a front!" Even he was yelling now. We heard screeching from behind us, and looked behind us to see Caitlyn pulling the doors of an elevator, that we had all overlooked, apart. "Come on," she motioned us to get in. We didn't argue and got in the shaft. The elevator was on a lower floor and we grabbed on the the robes and began to climb as the hive got into the control room. We climbed up and up as the hives screeches could be heard below us. "I think this floor is above ground," Jeck said from above me after 20 minutes of climbing. He only opened the doors a little bit before he saw the toxic gas inside the room. He quickly let them close, but not before a bit of it got inside. Jeck breathed in the gas on accident, it wasn't enough to kill him but it was enough to make him lose his grip. He coughed and let go of the rope, falling out of my grasp and down the elevator. "JECK!" I yelled down as he fell. "We have to leave him if we want to get out of hear. The rest of the floors are too dangerous, we need to head to the roof," Caitlyn called up to me, surprisingly calm. "But...," I couldn't even think of leaving him. "I know, but he would want us to get out of here instead of going off on some suicidal rescue mission, now GO!" She yelled those last words. I nodded and continued our climb. We heard explosions every now and again, and at one point the elevator doors blew off and down the shaft below them. We ignored it and continued our climb. After a while we finally mad it to the last door. I opened them and looked out onto the roof in horror. The guardians sent here to secure the roof were all dead. Lying in pools of blood, some even in pieces. I gagged, but climbed up all the same. Caitlyn joined me on the roof, and in my disgust at how brutally these guardians had died. "Our ships are cloaked in the woods, we need to jump to get to the ground," she said. I looked over at her, then at the drop. It was easily a 50 story drop, but before I could protest, she jumped off towards the floor below. I sighed, then sensed movement behind me. I turned around, bringing out my auto rifle, to see a figure cloaked in robes. He was covered head to toe in different layers of black cloth, and his arms were covered in black tape or gauze. I waited for him to attack me, but he just stood there showing no moves to try and attack me. I couldn't get a good look at his face behind his hood, but I didn't care. I edged towards the edge, and he made no move to stop me as I jumped. I plummeted towards the jungle floor, and used my lift to slow my fall as I hit the ground. Caitlyn was waiting for me but, instead of asking me why I took so long, she just nodded and ran towards the jungle. I followed but was confused, why weren't there any Syndicate soldiers guarding the perimeter to make sure that no one got out. I was brought out of my thoughts as we came into a small clearing. It was empty until me and Caitlyn deactivated our ships cloaking devices. "Reports are coming in that pretty much every guardian sent here didn't make it out," Caitlyn said, sadness in her voice, "We should consider ourselves the lucky ones," I just nodded, not wanting to think about Jeck, and got into my ship. Caitlyn did the same and we took off. We plotted a course from the tower and sat in silence for a while. Caitlyn decided to break the silence, "I miss him already too, yet w-" Caitlyn's ship exploded in a ball of flames as gunfire erupted from the woods. That's why they didn't set up a perimeter, I thought, they had anti-AA guns and soldiers in the woods. I didn't have time to mourn Caitlyn as I took evasive maneuvers. Explosions filled the sky next to my ship as I tried to get away. "Fly up into orbit!" My ghost shouted as an explosion rocked our ship, "Then we can warp when we're clear," I did as he said and flew up. We started hearing explosions a lot less as we got out of their firing range we warped, I didn't care where to. We ended up in Venus' orbit, I just sat there, stunned at the loss of my friends. "This is playing on every channel," my ghost whispered to me, understanding my pain. I pulled up the message playing out of curiosity. [i]That was a warning. The city has been on our backs for a while now, which is why you needed this reminder. Don't mess with the Syndicate. We spread the rumors of our base in the BDZ to lure you into that trap. That is your one and only warning to stay away, or more guardians of yours will die. You know that we are always listening, we were able to manipulate you so easily. We needed to make sure that you knew how dangerous we could be if you tried to stop us, so we needed that little demonstration. Do not try to stop us, the Syndicate is forever.[/i] And with that the message ended, and I was left sitting there in shock. This was a demonstration to them? I cried out in frustration, and anger at these bastards. Then I started to cry, mourning the loss of my only friends in the world To Be Continued [b]Table of Contents:[/b]

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