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Legends Origins Chapter 5: Vulcan

I looked at the lush, green forests blur into one color as my ship flew by. Multiple other guardian ships and city hawks flew next to me. This was a big operation that the vanguard proposed. We were heading to a large Syndicate base in the BDZ to, hopefully, stop the twisted experiments being run on guardians among other things. I didn't really listen to said other things as my only job was to rescue these guardians, and get them out of there safely. "Is everyone ready for this?" A voice crackled to life over the comms, asking that question. It was our fire team leader, Jeck. As everyone responded I stayed silent pondering a question. "So is this the Syndicates main base or something?" I asked over the comms. Several loud groans were heard after that. "Didn't listen through the briefing?" Jeck chuckled through the comms. I smiled at the comment. "I never do," I replied, still smiling. "That's not one of your best qualities, is it," interrupted Caitlyn over the comms, referring to my constant bragging and cheery persona. "What about the time you bragged about killing Urzok, but I saw him along with several others the next day," someone else retorted over the comms. Everyone else laughed, myself included, after being reminded of that incident. "Alright guys, remember we're here specifically to rescue the guardians that are being experimented on, so don't interfere with any of the other guardian teams are doing," Jeck reminded us. After a few minutes we came up on the hidden base, half topside, half underground. When we came close the turrets and anti-AA guns started firing at us. Explosions filled the air as we made our descent. "Alright people, we're going in hot!" Jeck yelled as my ship came close enough to the ground for transmat. I appeared in the forest in a haze of blue, and was immediately hit with something hard. I landed on the ground and looked up to see a Syndicate soldier standing above me. He pointed his auto rifle down at me and smiled. Before he could shoot, however, two arms wrapped around his neck and flipped him backwards into a nearby tree. Jeck finished the soldier off with his hand canon, as Caitlyn stood above me. "You owe me one," she said sticking out her hand to help me up. I took it and looked around at the few dozen other guardians in the woods next to me. I smiled, and charged with them through the forest, and towards the base. We came upon the main gate, where several other guardian fire teams were already trying to get in. We joined in the battle as two manned turrets started spraying bullets across the battlefield. I summoned my rocket launcher, a rocket already in the tube, and fired at the first one. The man inside tried to get out when he saw the rocket coming, but was too slow as the rocket destroyed the turret in a ball of flame. The other Syndicate soldier was sniped out of the turret by a random guardian. We charged into the complex as one, unstoppable force. As soon as we entered we heard the sound of alarms and footsteps, as more guards were coming to confront us. I was about to run with the other guardians as Jeck held me back. "We're here to rescue the guardians, remember?" He asked as Caitlyn ran down an adjourning hallway. I nodded and we followed her down to a control center for the main gate. As we entered the room we saw her pull her knife out of an enemy fallen's neck. She looked up at us, and we nodded. I brought out my ghost and led him to one of the consoles. "Can you get us blueprints of the building?" I asked him as Jeck and Caitlyn took positions outside the door. Instead of answering, my ghost got to work. After a few more minutes of that alarm and the sounds of gunfire and fighting, my ghost finally spoke up. "Got'em. We're gonna need to go down this hallway make a right, and then we'll come across an elevator that can take us to the floor where I think they're holding the guardians," he said disappearing into my armor matrix. We followed my ghosts instructions, with no trouble from more guards. I guess they were too busy with the war raging on outside. We got in and pushed the button for floor 10. Which was 20 levels below ground. We rode down in silence, waiting for those doors to open, until we heard the elevator stop and we raised our guns. It's go time. We charged out of the elevator as the doors opened to meet our own battle. To Be Continued [b]Table of Contents:[/b]

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