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Legends Origins Chapter 4: Silas

We had been walking for about 15 minutes now towards the camp where I was forced to stay. We would have gotten there by now if we flew in with our ships, but I don't have one and none of the Iron Lords seemed comfortable with having me ride in one of theirs. The feeling was mutual. I had my back to them as I led them through the rocky terrain back to Kesiths camp. At one point I tried to get into the middle of the group but they put me back out in front, most likely because they wanted to keep a close eye on me. I saw one lean in the whisper to Lord Saladin, "Are you sure we can trust him?" She whispered, not knowing that I could hear her, "How do we know that he's not leading us into some sort of trap?" I kept listening intently as Saladin mulled over his answer. "Some of our group, myself included, saw him shooting the warlords behind cover," he responded, not bothering to whisper, "Besides, it's not uncommon for warlords to threaten people to join them," he then looked over at me, noticing that I was watching them, "How long have you been forced to work for them?" He directed this question at me. [i]Lie. If they know that you helped slaughter innocent villages then they'll keep you locked up.[/i] I ignored Marcus, "I came across them after I escaped some fallen about a month ago," I answered truthfully. Saladin nodded, satisfied that I was telling the truth, but some of the Iron Lords looked to each other suspiciously. I ignored them, I was there only hope of finding this camp. I would be able to slip away during the battle. We came over a hill and I stopped kneeling down, I looked below as Saladin joined me. There were a few dozen tents, and a lot of enemies wondering around the encampment. "This it?" Saladin asked. I nodded then stood up as he went to address the Iron Lords, "We're going into a battle with a considerable group of warlords, arm yourselves for battle," he said as a giant axe appeared in his hands. We stood on the ridge and, as one, we charged. The Iron Lords yelled a battle cry as we came barreling into the camp, guns blazing. We had caught the warlords off guard, and managed to kill the first few we came across before they knew what was happening. But it didn't take long for them to organize themselves for battle, and that's when the real battle started. I was separated from the main group almost instantly as gunfire filled the knight sky. I drew my sidearm, taking down a titan and his ghost when I heard an explosion. Tents caught fire as the battle raged on, giving the battle an orange hue. "Traitor!" Yelled one as we came towards me with two other warlords. "Me being a traitor would imply that I was on your side in the first place," I responded taking aim. He yelled, rushing forwards. I was ready to fight him when an explosion destroyed the tent next to him, sending him flying in the air. A warlock Iron Lord stepped out from the flames holding a broadsword with the Iron Lords symbol engraved into the steel. I ran as he engaged the two hunters. Gunfire, yelling, and explosions were all I could hear as the battle raged on. "Hey!" I looked behind me to see the same warlock that had saved me, rushing forwards broadsword in both hands, "Your not getting away!" I realized that I still had armor on that made me look like a warlord and that he didn't know that I was the one who led them here. "No, wait," I tried to explain before he rushed me. He swung his sword, and I ducked under it and jumped to the side. He came at again, trying to impale me, and I grabbed his sword between both of my hands inches way from my chest. Tristan was in control now, and he was a stormcaller. I sent a burst of electricity through his sword, shocking him. He let go of his sword and stepped back. I took this chance to pick up his sword and slash him across the chest with it. He fell down dead and his ghost appeared. I looked at it, then spoke to my own. "Give me his armor," I said simply. My ghost did as I said, and I was suddenly wearing a full set of Iron Companion Vestments. His ghost looked at me confused as I stashed his sword into my inventory. I ignored it and began to run out of the camp. I was halfway out, when I was spotted by a group of warlords. They rushed towards me as I let Marcus in control for a simple reason, he was a void walker. My eyes turned silver under my helmet as void energy built up in my hand. I used my glide and fired a nova bomb. The warlords were consumed by the void, the ground being scorched by ethereal fire. I took the time to shoot their ghosts before leaving. The battle was pretty much over by the time I left. A few Iron Lords saw me but didn't intervene, thinking that I was one of them. Back at the camp, a warlock reported that his armor and sword were stolen to Saladin, he also heard that someone saw an Iron Lord leaving, and that the warlock who had brought them here was nowhere to be found. "You think it was him who we saw leaving?" Lady Jolder asked him, referring to the one that brought them there. "Most likely," he responded, not looking at her. "Shouldn't we go after him?" She asked cocking her head, "He did steal one of our swords, as well as a set of armor. Plus, he was a warlord, no matter if they forced him or not," "No, let him go. He won't do anything to harm anyone. Plus I have a feeling that our paths may cross with him again someday," he said looking at the rising sun. Jolder sighed, but didn't complain as they made their way out of the camp and back to Felwinter's peak. Silas looked to the sun rise as he considered what to next. [i]Well, we do have the armor of an Iron Lord, and one of their swords. Why don't we redeem ourselves from the villages we killed.[/i] Silas considered Keids proposition, and he smiled at the new morning. To Be Continued [b]Table of Contents:[/b]

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