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Legends Origins Chapter 3: Silas

Three months. Three months after I was first revived and thrust into this new hell that I had the unfortunate pleasure of calling home. In that Tim I had managed to figure out that I do have some form of multiple personality disorder, get captured and tortured by the fallen before I escaped and killed them all (a story for another day I'm afraid) and joined up with a warlords group. After I escaped the fallen, I met a warlord, named Kesith and his crew, who gave me a choice, either join them or die. I picked the former option. And since then I've been apart of their group raiding villages. Which was what we were doing now. I stood on the hill just outside a small village full of people. They had just begun to settle in so a few of their buildings where in mid-construction. I looked over it and saw two boys playing in the street, their father watching nearby. A titan named Tecin put his hand on my shoulder, "It's time," he said with glee. I was disgusted by his apparent joy and excitement to be slaughtering a helpless village and wanted nothing more than to hit him. [i]I say you do it.[/i] [i]That's stupid, Tristan, we would get killed.[/i] [i]Silas could just let me in charge and then we'd be golden[/i] [i]Not against the warlord we wouldn't[/i] [i]Shut it Keid[/i] The voices had remembered their own names, just as I had remembered mine to be Silas. Sometimes the warlords crew would hear me talking to them, after a while they started to think I was crazy. I sighed ignoring, ignoring my personalities, and followed Tecin to meet up with the others. As we got to the bottom of the hill I saw another warlock and a hunter and, my new so called master, Kesith. They looked to us and then to Kesith. He smiled and then the rest of them smiled with the same kind of animalistic insanity. I sneered, disgusted at these men, but drew my auto rifle all the same. We made our way into the poor village, weapons drawn. We saw no one on are way in, which made me suspicious. Shouldn't there be people? I looked around to find that the buildings looked empty, strange. We came upon the same two boys and father that I had seen earlier, but something was different. They were fuzzy, almost see through. "Oh shit," I said as I saw the holoprojector from the other building. Suddenly, there was movement all around us, and we found ourselves surrounded. "Put down your weapons and surrender," said a figure wearing gold armor with white engravings. It was a trap. These were the Iron Lords, and the one leading them seemed to be lord Saladin. Kesith sneered in disgust, "We're not doing anything!" He yelled back at the Iron Lord, not noticing me slowly backing away. Saladin cocked his head, "Suit yourselves," he said and gunfire came from all directions. I dove behind a building as the fighting began. I looked out to see that the fight wasn't going very well for Kesith. They fired their guns at the Iron Lords but they were surrounded, and outnumbered. Tecin went down first, getting shot by a sniper. As his ghost appeared I came out from behind my cover and shot it. These people were animals who had forced me to work for them and destroy several villages, I saw this as a way to get rid of them and free myself from Kesiths grasp. I continued to fire at them from behind, helping the Iron Lords. The next to fall was the other warlock, his ghost being picked off by a sniper. Next was the hunter, who tried to rush Saladin with a knife and was quickly slammed into the ground. Kesith was all that's left, standing there bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds and holding his left arm. I backed up as the group of Iron Lords approached him. "You had a choice, you chose death," Saladin spoke, raising his machine gun. "Not yet," Kesith muttered as he lunged towards Saladin. He was quickly shot down and killed by all of the Iron Lords at once. His ghost appeared slowly and seemed to start shaking, accepting its fate. Saladin looked to it with sorrow in his eyes, pitying the ghost then spoke. "Don't revive him, leave and make sure the next person you revive makes better choices," he said, giving the ghost a new start. I didn't know that ghosts could do that, but I didn't care moving into an alley, prepared to make an escape. I turned and saw an Iron Lord standing at the end of the alley, pointing his auto rifle at me. "Where do you think you're going?" He said, moving closer towards me. I raised my hands in surrender and had him lead me to the other Iron Lords. "Caught this one trying to escape," the one said to Lord Saladin. He looked at me with cold stare and gave me a choice, "You can either choose to die, or to surrender," he said, giving me the same choice that Kesith did. "You don't understand," I tried to explain, "They made me work for them, said they'd kill me if I didn't," the desperation in my voice obvious. "You think we should believe him?" A woman next to Saladin said to him. He considered me for a few moments and came to a decision. "I think we can trust him," he said and I let out a sigh of relief, "Can you tell us where the camp of these warlords is?" He asked me. For the first time in three months, my face plates twisted into a smile. "I'll do you one better, I'll take you there myself, hell I'll even help you kill these animals," I said putting my hands down. Saladin nodded, getting a better answer than he'd wanted, he still wanted to keep an eye on me I supposed. I smiled again and began to walk north to where the camp was, the Iron Lords to my back. [i]This is going to be fun.[/i] Tristan spoke up from inside my head. Yes it will. To Be Continued [b]Table of Contents:[/b]

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