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Legends origins Chapter 1: Silas

Hey guys, I'm doing a mini series here of multiple stories from the pasts of some of my characters. If one character has multiple stories the they will not always happen after the last one. Anyways, enjoy! I found myself in darkness. A black empty void. Then came a light, nice and warm and I let it take me. I bolted upright looking around. I was inside of a small building with more broken down structures nearby. Then what looked to be a floating eye with separate parts came into my field of vision. "Hello there warlock," the thing said in a distinctly female voice. "Warlo-" was all I managed to get out before someone else spoke. [i]What's happening[/i] I looked around but saw no one there, then a different voice spoke up. [i]Ar...are we alive?[/i] "Who's there? Who's talking?" I yelled putting my hands to my head. [i]I believe that we are inside your head.[/i] [i]Wait but we're not the same person?"[/i] Three of them started talking at once then, all asking questions. "STOP IT," I cried out in panic. I then realized that my voice was robotic. I looked to an old piece of broken glass and saw that my face was made of silver metal plates with a yellow stripe down the center, "What am I?" I asked the panic rising in my voice. "You're an exo, a machine with a human mind. And now you're a being with the gifts of the light," she said. [i]The light?[/i] [i]This cube better start talking or I'm gonna smash it.[/i] [i]How? We're in this guys head somehow.[/i] [i]Perhaps we are multiple personalities of this one brain?[/i] "SHUT UP!" I yelled to my so called multiple personalities. But, when I thought about it, I find myself wondering if these were multiple personalities. "Who are you talking to? We're the only two here," the floating eyeball said confused at my yelling. "I'm...hearing voices inside my head," I told her once they had stopped talking, "Did you do this?" I asked looking at her. "What! No, but I am picking up fluctuations in you're processing, Perhaps these voices aren't a sign of you going mad?" She said, her holographic eye almost squinting. Then my vision turned red and, out of the corner of my optics, the lights in my eyes turned red as well. I found myself no longer in control of my body as I rushed forward. I watched as I grabbed the eyeball and looked at it. "You better tell us what the hell is going on!" I said, but the voice wasn't mine. It sounded like one of the ones in my head. [i]Well, I believe that one of us has taken control over the body we are inhabiting.[/i] [i]Can I do that?[/i] I ignored the voices and concentrated on getting back in control. Suddenly the lights turned back to blue in my eyes and I was in control again. "Explain this," I said, or more commanded as the voice that had taken over protested. "I am a ghost, made by the traveler to revive people who have died and have the power of light. Those people are guardians, and you are one of them. As for the state of the world, long ago the traveler came to Earth and gave humanity a wide array of gifts that pushed you into a golden age. But, the darkness came and wiped out humanity and now I was made to revive you," the ghost said terrified of what I was capable of. "I...was dead?" I asked concerned. [i]We were dead.[/i] "Shut up," I said quietly to the voice in my head. The ghost cocked her shell then realized that I was talking to the voices. "This is going to go swimmingly," she said with obvious sarcasm. I sighed then looked out at the state of my new home. To Be Continued [b]Table of Contents:[/b]

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