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Legends Ch14: The Man In The Cloak

Hello to everyone who has been reading my series I have one thing to say, thank you. After the cliffhanger I left off with in the last chapter I think you all know what's coming next. This is my final chapter for volume 1 so don't worry I will be continuing the series once Destiny 2 is out. Please enjoy and thanks for reading. I laid there in the broken street while the city burned around me. The cabal had gotten in to the city, I had been fighting in the streets until.... I couldn't even describe it. My light was gone. I watched as it was torn from my body. There was a titan laying across from me a few feet away. The same had happened to him. Seeing him made me think about what happened to my friends, my fire team. A cabal gladiator turned the corner behind the titan. It saw us both on the ground unable to move and laughed. It walked slowly to the titan as he tried to crawl away. I reached for my rocket launcher lying to my side, I needed to save him. The cabal put a foot on the titans' back, pinning him there, and raised its clever. My hand found the launcher and grabbed it, I pointed it at the gladiator and looked at the titan. He made eye contact and nodded. I pulled the trigger and watched as the rocket left the tube and flew towards the gladiator. He turned too late, as the rocket blew its head off and it collapsed. I let the launcher fall out of my hands and got up, using the building next to me for support. The titan did the same and looked at me when a bullet struck him. I watched as he fell back and the light drained from his face. Without his ghost he would die. I turned around to see a man, wearing a black cloak that covered his face, literally stepping out of the shadows holding a smoking hand canon. He looked towards me, "I'm sorry, did you know him?" He asked almost like it was a joke. "Wh....why?" Was all I could ask as I looked at this man who had killed a guardian. "Why did I kill him? Simple, I hate guardians," he said kicking me into the dirt, "Guardians have been a thorn in my side for far too long. Me and my colleagues jumped at the chance to get rid of you all when the cabal came knocking. Some of my colleagues are taking this chance to run tests on you all, but I'd rather kill you right here," he said with insanity and hatred in his voice and pulled the hammer back on his gun. He pulled back my hood and took off my helmet, possibly wanting to look into my eyes as he killed me. I looked over his shoulder and pretended to see something behind him. He turned around and I brought my knife from my back into his ankle. He had fallen for the oldest trick in the book. He screamed and I ran, ducking into an alleyway. I kept making turns, but I saw him wherever I looked. It was like he was teleporting. I kept running down this alley looking at the turns I could make and seeing him their. Sometimes I saw cloaked figures that weren't him. His colleagues, I guessed. One shot a titan who took the bullet for a little girl. Another was doing unspeakable things to a warlock. I made it onto a street torn up by the fighting, and collapsed. I looked up and saw him standing over me. I thought that this was it, and closed my eyes. Then a spotlight shone down on us and bullets hit the man from behind. It was from a high caliber turret and must have hurt. Good. There was a ship, like the one I owned, hovering above us and shooting the man with the turret underneath the cockpit. He ran away, ducking into the nearest alleyway and disappearing into the shadows. I looked up towards the ship and a familiar voice came over the intercom. "You're a sight for sore eyes, V," Vulcans' said strained, almost like he was in pain. I ignored it and smiled. "I've never been so happy to hear your annoying voice," I said looking up at it. The ship turned around and the cargo bay door opened, and I saw Silas there accompanied by Tesmin. "Welcome back," Silas said holding out his hand. "Good to be back," I said as I took his hand, never had I been happier for the day I had looked for that warlock who could control all of the subclasses and had multiple personalities than today. I was back with my team, my friends, and together we were going to make that man in the cloak and his colleagues pay. To Be Continued [b]Table of Contents:[/b]

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