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Legends Ch12: The Crew

My ship, named The Glacé, glided through space. My crew was all with me on the bridge, Cozmin-5 our exo killing machine, Jaz our female marksman, and Henry our engineer. Then there was myself, the captain of a ship of bounty hunters named Kanin at birth. We had been given a job to track down an old warsat with codes that could access multiple weapons and research facilities. We didn't ask why, we just wanted our payment. We landed on mars, were the warsat was supposed to be. "Alright team let's follow that signal and find this warsat," I said to my crew. We were accompanied by two frames that were supposed to be highly deadly. After a few hours of walking around in the desolate Martian landscape we found it half sunken into the sand. "I'll try extracting the codes," Henry said pulling out a small holotablet and kneeling next to the warsat. We guarded him when Jaz saw two figures up on one of the nearby dunes. Soon we all saw what we were facing. Guardians. It had been about a year after the events of the Taken Assault and things hadn't calmed down. We brought our concerns about the intentions of the attack to the vanguard and were relieved when they agreed with us and took it seriously. In the time since the SIVA crisis popped up and was stopped by the New Iron Lords. We had also taken our time to get to know Silas' different personalities. Tristan was his go to fighter. He was adept in combat of any kind, he was a leader as well a bit more like a titan to be honest. Marcus was a scholar, he knew lots of thing and was more like a warlock than Silas in the regard of pursuing knowledge. He also loved strategy games and was great in real life battle at predicting his enemy's next move, yet he was almost emotionless not caring about much more than knowledge. And finally there was Keid. He was a charismatic type, with a thing for the theatrical. He was also mischievous, amused at others discomfort, considering himself above most others. Silas is able to control them though, only letting them inhabit his body when their specific skills were useful in the current situation. Me and Silas were on a scouting mission on mars while V and Vulcan went to the crucible. We were tracking an old warsat that's codes could prove invaluable to the city. Silas wore a set of new monarchy gear the red color blending in with the red sand, I wore a full set of The Deathsingers gaze armor which I got from watching an area of interest on the moon. We came up a sand dune and saw the warsat below us, being scanned by another group. [i]Who the heck are these guys?[/i] My internal question was answered when Silas spoke up, "These guys are bounty hunters, probably here to sell those codes to the highest bidder," he said with disdain in his voice. I noticed a commotion down below and saw that we had been spotted. "Get out of here, Demons!" One of them, an exo, yelled up at us. This pissed me off. "We protect an entire city from unspeakable horrors, while you steal and kill for whoever pays you, and we're the demons!" I yelled back at them furious. They rest of their group tried to reign in the one that had spoke, but it was too late. Silas blinked behind one of them and put a hand on their shoulder. "You need to leave," he said, giving them a chance to walk away. The man turned around and pointed a hand canon at Silas. Bad move. Silas sighed and grabbed his wrist, twisting it until he dropped the hand canon then used his palm to send him flying backwards. The exo charged punching Silas in his helmet. Silas, unfazed, punched him in the chest sending him flying backwards a few feet using the enhanced strength that came to all guardians. And arc blade, coming out of the frames' wrist, tried stabbing him from behind. Silas dodged to the right the grabbed the frames arm. Focusing solar energy into his hand, he created a blade of fire like he had when he fought the possessed hive armor. He cut off the frames arm from the elbow then stabbed it with his other hand. Behind him a girl fired a grenade launcher at Silas. He stopped all three grenades in mid-air with his telekinesis letting them drop and explode halfway towards him. He used the dust as cover and jumped at the other two bounty hunters. He grabbed the girls' grenade launcher, ripping it out of her hands and throwing it behind him. He threw, her with his telekinesis, into the sand dune I was still standing on. I sighed then walked down the dune, firing a burst of lighting into the girl trying to get up as I passed. It wasn't enough to kill her, but enough to stun her and leave her convulsing there. The final bounty hunter pointed his shotgun at Silas. Silas ducked and grabbed the end of his shotgun, kicking him backwards. He then grabbed the trigger and pointed it at the final frame behind him. It didn't even get a chance to draw its arc blades before Silas shot it. I was coming up on the other two bounty hunters, the exo charged at Silas while the other one came after me. He threw a punch which I easily ducked under and swept his feet out from under him. He fell down and I sent another burst of lightning incapacitating him. The exo and Silas were locked in a fist fight that Silas wasn't taking very seriously based on his movements. The exo threw a right hook that Silas caught and, now being in direct contact, shocked him. The final one got up and threw a kick at Silas who easily caught it. He flipped his leg, putting him off balance. As he was falling Silas sent a burst of lightning into him, incapacitating him like all the others. I sent my ghost over to retrieve the codes as I walked over to join Silas. "Now I guess you know to never try fighting a guardian, we were being nice by not trying to kill you. If we didn't care about not killing you then, I guarantee that this would have gone a lot faster, and a lot messier," he said talking to all of them. They groaned in response, but I could see hatred in their eyes. My ghost returned with the codes and we left them there to go back and report this victory to the vanguard. To Be Continued [b]Table of Contents:[/b]

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