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Legends ch9: The Crucible

It had been a few weeks since their mission to kill the Hive wizard Atroksis and her abomination and I was flying in with V and Vulcan into a crucible match, while Tesmin was on scouting duty. V was flying and Vulcan was watching a crucible match played out on a holotablet. "-eis-51 takes out the enemy hunter with his hand canon as-" was all I heard before the voices in my head started talking again. [i]Are you sure we should be doing this?[/i]The one I had named Marcus questioned in my head. [i]Ahh, don't worry so much Marcus, it'll be fun.[/i]This one was named Keid. [i]Would both of you be quiet![/i] interrupted the final one, Tristan. [i]All of you shut up![/i]I screamed at them in my head, [i]We'll be fine, now when we transmat in you'll be in control as usual Tristan. Anyone got a problem with that?[/i]They all stayed silent, Good. "You still with us Silas?' I was brought out of my mental conversation as Vulcan looked at me, "You're being awfully quiet," "Yeah I'm good," I replied quickly. He smiled as we transmatted into the crucible match, and underneath my helmet the lights in my eyes switched from blue to red. * The group transmatted into Twilight Gap as they summoned their weapons. When the match began V and Vulcan rand from the cliff face down into the room where the walls' railgun was. But Silas waited a few moments waited until he sensed the light of another guardian then blinked to it. When he came out of the void he was behind a hunter who had taken up a sniping position on a platform near the cliff face. The hunter turned around and Silas used his palm and blasted him backwards into the railing behind him. Then he put his hand on the hunters' chest and used his energy drain and watched as his armor withered and he disappeared into the void with a wisp of void energy surrounding him. A titan showed up in the hallway outside the platform and, before he could shoot, Silas blinked to his left and shot a burst of three shots into his chest with his pulse rifle, then used his telekinesis to send him flying into the crates in the open space behind him. V finished him off with a shot to head with his silver hand canon. Vulcan was behind him and Silas suddenly was hit from behind with the second titans' shoulder charge. Silas waited in the empty black abyss and waited for his team mates to revive him, Tristian suffering an insult from ked, and when he was brought back he saw Vulcan kill the enemy tiatn with a blast of his shotgun. Silas noticed the enemy hunter jump up from the right side os him and quickly but a burst in his chest and sent him flying back down from where he came from with his telekinesis. Silas threw a fusion grenade listening as the explosion finished the hunter off. He saw both titans firing on his team mates and put one down before following them below the platform down into the hallway where the railguns' protected the city. they took cover behind one of the walls and ran, trying to make a break for the next room over. Silas stopped a he heard the hunter summon a golden gun and rolled to the side behind cover. The hunter stood on the platform above them and fired three shots, hitting V and Vulcan, but missing Silas. He blinked behind the hunter, but he turned around pointed the gun to his head and fired the fourth shot of his golden gun. * * * [i]Well that hurt, nice going Tristan.[/i] Said Keid inside my head. [i]How was I supposed to know he had a fourth shot?[/i] Tristan said defensively. [i]Enough, both of you. Marcus you're up.[/i] I said ending the squabble. When Nora revived me the lights in my eyes switched to silver. * * * Silas was now near the cliff face, near where they first transmatted in, and saw a sniper hit V in the head, killing him. Based on the angle of the shot and the smoke trail, Silas threw a fusion grenade where he knew the sniper must be, "What the-" was all he heard before the explosion killed the hunter. He met up with Vulcan in the middle and he placed down his ward of dawn. The enemy defender and v met up in the room across form them. V threw a knife into his shoulder and emptied two rounds into his chest and finished him off with a third to his head. V looked over and saw Silas gun down the hunter his barrel barely sticking out of the bubble. The final titan fought Vulcan fist to fist. Vulcan connected a right hook into his head knocking him off of the side as he fell to his death. Vulcan looked towards Silas when a bullet, from the enemy hunter, put him down. Silas turned too late as the titan lifted into the air and used his fist of havoc. The titan slammed past Silas hitting his right arm and breaking off his helmet. * * * I could see my team dragging me behind cover and all of my personalities took this time to voice their opinion. I saw the silver that represented Marcus and heard him state that we shouldn't be alive, the red that represented Tristan and heard him say how much that hurt, and the orange of Keid telling us all to shut up. Slowly the light healed me and I gained control of my body reigning in my personalities. Vulcan looked at me confused, "Mind telling us what that was all about?" he asked. Crap, they heard that. "I'll explain later," I said transmatting on a new helmet, "But right now we have a match to win," I threw out an axion bolt grenade and waited until it had scanned the other three guardians. Then I directed the threw bolts with my mind to disarm the enemy team of their weapons. As I came out I saw that they had placed their own ward of dawn just as Marcus predicted. I threw a nova bomb, not at them, but at the big shipping container beside them. As it passed by the right side of it I closed my hand and watched as it exploded. The explosion threw the container directly into the threw guardians, knocking them all down. I summoned my storm trance and finished them all with my lightning, winning us the match. I looked back at my team mates and sighed. I had a lot of explaining to do. To Be Continued [b]Table of Contents:[/b]

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