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5/28/2017 2:20:39 AM

Mid-High RoF (MIDA Multi-Tool type) Scout Rifles In Depth

Welcome and in this post I will look at a particular weapon archetype that used to contain only a single weapon that was an exotic. We are going to look into it now because there have been several weapons added to the game that fall under the archetype and I have been requested to do it. So, what are its strengths, weaknesses, and how does it compare to other weapons in the crucible. This archetype is the Mid-High Rate of Fire archetype and contains only The Distant Star and Angel’s Advocate. - These have a fire rate of [b]200rpm[/b] - Deal about [b]38 damage to the body[/b] and[b] 57 to the head[/b] - It takes [b]6 body shots to kill[/b] or [b]4 headshots [/b](at least 3 headshots needed plus 1 body) - Maximum TTK (if you get all body shots) is [b]1.5s[/b] and Minimum TTK (if you get enough headshots) is [b]0.9s[/b]. - Their [b]Minimum range[/b] is on [b]average 70m[/b] but can be as low as [b]65m[/b] or as high as [b]84m[/b] These scout rifles are built for top tier play. Their exceptional handling (reload speed, aim assist, equip speed), and above average TTK make them feel like a reliable option as a primary weapon that can do moderately well at any range. In the current meta these will be right at home, not being the perfect option for every scenario but a decent one as well as being nearly the best option at their most desirable range. The only weapon that beats them at long range is low RoF scouts, [i]when they don’t miss[/i]. The down side to using these is their small magazine size, high headshot requirement, and slow body shot TTK which together make these weapons highly punish missing shots in gunfights. These weapons must be used with skill to achieve success so prioritize headshots, if you can hit at least one you will reduce your TTK significantly. Overall these are an extremely powerful weapon in the hands of top tier players and good for average players who want to improve. I’d recommend aiming for the following stats: stability to make shooting and tracking easier, and reload because the magazine is so small. For perks these are what I recommend: [b]Primary perks;[/b] Hidden Hand, Zen moment, Life Support, Rescue Mag, and Outlaw; [b]Stat boosts;[/b] Perfect balance, Explosive rounds, Extended Mag, Injection Mold, Hand-laid Stock, and Single Point Sling. (explosive rounds are one of my personal favourites, great for keeping damage on moving targets, those who try to hide in cover, or actually do a little damage when u miss a shot) So go pick up these awesome scout rifles and aim for those headshots. Which is your favorite of these Mid-High RoF scout rifles? What roll is your favorite? Other In Depth posts:

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