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DESTINY 2 (Adventures, Lost Sectors, 1 Social Space, Decryption, Postmaster, 3 Story Lines & More!)

Not my vid. All credit goes to Mesa Sean, Knowing this really does ease some of my concerns i had previously. For those at work or just can't watch a video atm. TL;DW: * Adventures: "They're actually 10-15 minute long missions with a narrative and dialogue and they take you to new places and they do new mechanics." * Lost Sectors: Mesa believes they will be like cauldrons from Horizon Zero Dawn. "There's lost sectors which are like dungeons where occasionally as you're wondering around the world, you will see a symbol edged on some wall and you know you're close to an entrance of some kind." Basically you find an entrance, kill a boss, and get loot. * NPCs will mark stuff on our map to go find, * Steve says that "They want it to be easy to find the fun. On the map we control how much we want expose to you, but the characters that you're going to meet in the world they basically will mark the map for you with things." They will give you adventures to do and so on... * Raids influenced the design of Lost Sectors, specially the Vault of Glass. * You can travel between planets without going into orbit and you can also travel between locations on the planets themselves. * The Cryptarch and Postmaster are still there. Whether or not it's still rahool is unknown. * There will only be one social space at launch of Destiny 2 because they don't want the community to be divided and want it to be as singular as possible. Seems like linear single paths are a trend in Destiny 2. -cough- subclass -cough- * The Farm and Social Spaces: Steve is then asked about the farm, he goes onto saying: "I can't really say, but yes. It's the farm at the begining." This could imply that the farm will evolve as the story progresses and we'll experince something similar to what was shown in Zavala's cinematic OR that the farm won't be our permanent social space and we'll eventually move back to the city, but I'm going with the former. * Story: "Cayde's story is pretty awesome. I will say that. He's always a good one, but his story is good." Mesa believes this could hint at multiple story lines for each of the vanguard. I would love this tbh. And if it was class based, then it'd be even better. Then, depending on your class, you'd experience a certain PoV of the story and contiue through that. Thus, giving you a reason to make one of each character once more. Each time with a different story perspective and with new missions, cinematics, and NPCs. * Nessus is unlocked later in the campaign. "EDZ is the biggest by far and has more to do." Edit: Originally posted this on Reddit.

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