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5/17/2017 2:42:47 AM

A Better Send-Off to Destiny

I would like to see this idea added to Destiny.


I would not like to see this idea added to Destiny


So I, like many Guardians, was disappointed that the big, final send-off to Destiny was a T-shirt. That you had to pay for. That does mean that now this suggestion is essentially null and void, but I would like to put it out there all the same. My suggestion is that for Wear your Triumph, you got to create your own piece of armor. Now, it sounds impossible, but it wouldn't be. Firstly, you would choose what piece of armor to make: Helmet, Chest, Gauntlets, or Boots. You would choose what stat boost it gave you. You could have a maximum of 120 points distributed in some way between 2 of Discipline, Intellect, and Strength. You would have 6 nodes: 3 columns of 2. The first two would be stat point switching, which would switch/add 20 skill points between the 2 parts you chose. The other 4 you would chose. You would then be able to pick parts of already existing armor and put it together to make the cosmetics for your piece of armor. You could attach ornaments, too. You would name your piece of armor, and your name would appear before the name you wrote. For example, say I chose arms. I could have the upper arm/shoulders of the Immolation Fists, the forearm of the Ruin Wings, and the fists of the Thagomizers. I could name it the Angel of Vengeance, so to other players the name would be SWAGMONKEY9001's Angel of Vengeance. I would start out with 60 Intellect and Discipline. My first nodes would be Increase Intellect and Increase Discipline. My second would be Rain Blows and Impact Induction. My third would be Hand Cannon Loader and Rocket Launcher Loader. I would attach the arm ornament from Age of Triumph’s Crota’s End arms. Now, this may seen like an insurmountable task. However, it would not be. Armor could be fairly easily split into pieces. Boots can be split into three pieces: Upper leg, lower leg, and the shoe. Arms can be split into three pieces: Upper arm/shoulder, forearm, and the glove. Chest gets harder, but can still be split into pieces: Upper chest, lower chest, and possible sleeves. Helmet is the most complex, but the pieces would roughly be: Helmet shape, helmet designs/markings, and possible accents such as a crest. It would certainly require work, but it would be worth it. Right now, the big, final send-off to Destiny is a T-shirt. For me, that is not okay. Guardians should not have to grind for hours, spending tons of time, just to be able to buy a $30 T-shirt. Bungie should have simply put these T-shirts for sale, and developed something different. Something that deserves the title of Final Achievement of Destiny.

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