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An Alternative to Perma-Death in HM Raids

While raiding just now...yes I died to a supplicant...I had an idea. Instead of just remaining dead for ages and the team having to continue on without you, why not install a mechanic which allows teammates to do something to get you up. Here are some ideas I've had: - All 5 remaining teammates must surround your ghost and drain their light (super energy) to revive you. Honestly I think that's cool as hell, and it will piss people off, thus causing less deaths. - Have a teammate carry your ghost to a spot guarded by adds or cleans it, something like that. Any other suggestions? *Before you say git gud, or some other nonsense, have a look at my raid completions and time in game. 4015 hours and hundreds of raids. I'm not suggesting that it be easier. On the contrary. I'm suggesting some added teamwork mechanic that isn't lazy. After doing VOG again recently, I've concluded that the no revive hm mechanic is just lazy and time consuming for the players. Everyone just wipes, or tries to complete the instance (and in some cases there's a wipe anyway on failure to do so). The last thing I want is for raids to be easier. [b]** Since I guess Bungie has brainwashed everyone, here's an example: - Cabal Raid; I filtrate Bunker and take out the Primus: You're team enters a large door...'feels like a trap...' It closes. You are surrounded by a hoard of phalanx and psion. And those dog like creatures. Your team is chaining supers. You're obliterating the enemy. All of a sudden...some one whiffs a nova and goes down. Your team starts to communicate. "Goddammit Jim wtf is your problem?!" "...sorry mate..." "Ok I have a super" "me too" "well the three of us do not and I'm nowhere near it" Your team then has to fight with NO SUPER until everyone has a super...and then drain your supers ALL OF THEM to revive the downed teammate. You run from cover to your teammate and smash your super abilities all at once. You bag Jim for a brief instant! Your teammate revives and everyone runs like hell. You must then continue the fight while building supers, or choose to wipe and start it over. How does this not sound more difficult than "Oh goddammit Jim!" "...sorry mate..." "Ok everyone jump off this cliff" ?? [/b] ****This is all forward thinking. Destiny 1 is dead. Done. Kaput. Over. Finished. I honestly can't really believe some of you are so stuck with what we have and can't see any other option.

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