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A little sunsinger rework idea.

Sunsinger right now in destiny is arguably the weakest and most lackluster subclass in the game so I want to propose some changes that could spice up the subclass and promote the use of other perks besides fusion grenades, fireborn, flame shield, and the VF and ToF build. Feel free to leave any opinions about my suggestions. (Lets get the obvious one out of the way first.) •Buff the radius of firebolt grenades: Firebolts were nerfed on unjustified terms because of the old VF capabilities. I do not say to increase the tag speed and damage, but to be able to tag enemies who are going faster that walking speed again would be nice, the size just feels like the size of a paper plate •Kill all momentum on Angel of Light perk: I can speak for a lot of warlocks that swishing behind a piece of cover when trying to in-air shoot someone is annoying in both pve and pvp. This would also provide as a safety net for warlocks to help them not fall off ledges. •Nerf/Buff Touch of flame: This change is mostly an indirect buff to the new VF by adding one extra tick of burn but reducing the tick's damage for grenades to compensate. This would make it easier for people to get the 3x VF damage boost without using something like extra grenade/melee perks/exotics or something like the Apotheosis Veil. [This WILL NOT be a mini pre-nerf VK change. The damage should be about the same, just with one extra tick with overall reduced burn damage resulting in about the same net damage] •Change the ability of Radiant Skin but keep the name: Just giving extra armour is boring and not fun. Something that would fit the name of "Radiant skin" better would be to make enemies within a close proximity to you will start taking AoE damage (around the size of a solar grenade with about the same damage too) This could be used as a defense against shotgunners, blades, and anyone who just really wants to punch you. It could also be a good youtube video trying to get multikills just by existing near enemies. •Aesthetically buff Song of Flame: Whenever I used SoF, none of my allies would really notice and not take advantage of their ability boost. This change would add a slight screen effect to allies that would give them a radiant (punny hehe) hue at the bottom of their screen (it should NOT look like you are taking burn damage but as a warm, welcoming yellowy-orange glow and have a similar look to being empowered, but just at the lower portion of their screen). •Buff sunburst: Sunburst is hands down the least used perk in the Sunsinger subclass. This change would make it so that just hitting a target would guarentee a smallish to medium orb of light on a hit (not kill). This would give some reason for people to use it in stuff like ToO and in general crucible. ADDITIONAL EDIT: Orbs created by Sunburst within pve activities will be a medium orb while orbs generated in pvp will be the smaller types so they do not give a massive advantage to their team. •Replace either Solar Wind or Brimstone with this: A melee perk that it gives the ability to buff an ally. This perk would make it so that hitting an ally with your scorch charge would give them an overshield similar to flame shield. This would not give melee assistance toward allies in the sense of your melee twicks your screen and locks on to a teammate when you wanted to slap an enemy; this should only work on a non-lock melee hit that touches an ally. (Could I see sunsingers teaming up with other roaming supers? Just imagine a shielded Stormtrance or Bladedancer.) The rest of the subclass seems just find and I don't believe there should be anymore changes. Again, this is just a fun idea to spice up a very tart and tasteless subclass and to get them out of their flunk. Thanks for reading and feel free to reply with feedback, opinions, and suggestions!

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