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You can't be racist to white People

So I know what your thinking "Oh boy another liberal cancer thread". NO! Your wrong! [spoiler]maybe your right[/spoiler] [i] Anyways[/i] You can call a white person all these hateful things such as, cracker, honkey, cake eater, white trash,(mods probs ban) etc. You may or be it may not be offended by the terms I just said. Those terms don't really have such as a negative impact as other racist terms such as the N word. White people as a whole haven't really been persecuted in history until recently and when you insult a white person based skin it really doesn't have that searing pain compared to other terms Im half black and white so I have experience racism in both sides whites, blacks, hispanic. I know it sound ridiculous I've been insulted do to me being raised by a white mother, or insulted for being white washed, or my skin isn't dark enough to be considered a part of the race. I been called the N word plenty of times in my life and it's a whole lot more harsh then being called a "white washed, light skin, Neighbor". It feels like a deep, dark, secret of yours has been exposed and you feel that you have been humiliated by everyone, everything around you and you just feel that some one has ripped open your heart and curb stomp it. Do you get that same feeling when someone calls you a cracker? [i] probably[/i] Thank you for your time! Comment below if you wish to shine some insight on this topic. Hell I might be crazy and I have [i]No[/i] idea what I'm talking about. The options are [i]limitless[/i] and you decided your own fate. To the mods/ninjas [spoiler]I understand i used offensive terms in this thread, and I understand it's your duty to do whatever it takes to person Ninja Justice and I understand the consequences and I'm prepared to face them. Thank you.[/spoiler] Edit 1: TL:DR racist terms against white people aren't on the same level of racism as racist terms towards other races. I would appreciate if you would read the top! Thanks! Edit 2: it's still discrimination in the end Edit 3: the title was to grab your attention [spoiler]I'm sorry[/spoiler]

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