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PSA: #Gaming - A Destiny-Free Zone

[b]Disclaimer: This is not a thread to bash Destiny, Bungie, or new users. It is simply a revival of an [url=]old thread[/url] for educational purposes and to help inform new comers and returning users the proper usage of this particular subforum. This will hopefully clear the air for when The Taken King releases.[/b] [b]REMINDER TO THOSE TRYING TO HELP:[/b] [spoiler]If you happen to see a post concerning Destiny, [u]please check the time it was posted[/u] and who responded previously! Far too often are people bumping dead threads that have been mis-tagged and in their attempt to help they are actually contributing to the problem. Get these mis-tagged threads when they're fresh. Chances are if the thread is hours old and not moved, the author does not know how to move their thread or care enough to do so and made a new one in the appropriate area. To put it in a gaming perspective, what people are doing is like a necromancer reviving a dead enemy without the means to kill him and telling him to die. The enemy was dead, so why not leave them in the ground? Furthermore, those who are trying to help? Help, but don't be an ass about it. You make those who are trying to do a good thing look like the bad guys. Educate like a teacher or a mentor. You don't walk into school and the teacher automatically thinks you're an incompetent moron because you have little to no knowledge of a subject. If you can't resist the urge to say something rude, just type it out and hit CANCEL. You'll be saving yourself the headache later on.[/spoiler] Hello, if you’re new to the forums or returning after some time away, you may notice that some users are directing you to what is called “#Recruitment” and/or "#Destiny" and you may have a few questions regarding what’s going on. [b]“The description says 'discuss ANY game,' why am I being yelled at when talking about Destiny?”:[/b] #Gaming’s intended purpose is for the discussion of non-Destiny games and the game industry. If you’re looking to find people to fend off the Darkness with, you’ll want to look at and begin posting in [url=]#Recruitment[/url]. Looking to discuss Destiny? You’ll want to post in [url=]#Destiny[/url]. If you have suggestions concerning the game, try [url=]#Feedback[/url]. My interpretation, and I believe many older users will agree, is Bungie made the description so due to new users yelling and driving people off who weren’t discussing Destiny and trying to use #Gaming appropriately when it was released. [spoiler]Recon Number 54 (Ninja/Moderator) [quote]#Recruiting is getting TONS of action and the people who post there are getting what they are looking for... and getting it FAST. The misposters may be interested in knowing that.[/quote][/spoiler][spoiler]Shacker (Ninja/Moderator): [quote]Use the new LFG #recruitment forum put in place by the web team. In addition, purposely bumping stale LFG in #gaming is disruptive. To be clear, I consider disruptive behavior to be disrespectful, which is a bnet Code of Conduct violation. Process that how you will.[/quote][/spoiler][spoiler]Prometheus25 (Ninja/Moderator): [quote]There are numerous Destiny forums. Destiny threads belong there.[/quote][/spoiler][spoiler]Deej (Community Manager): [quote]When I first came to Bungie, posting to this forum about other games was forbidden! It was important to me that gamers had the freedom to express themselves sincerely. I play lots of games. I love Bungie games, but more than one disc spins in my tray. This board was always intended for those conversations. Sorry that the release of Destiny threw this corner of the forum into disarray. I am thrilled that people are using our site to make friends and play games, but there should be a specific place for that. Yesterday, we built that place. Please link people to there is they come here to look for allies.[/quote][/spoiler][spoiler]Cozmo (Community Manager): [quote] Do you like to play other games besides Destiny? This is the place to discuss any other titles you enjoy…We won’t judge. We play a lot of other games, too.[/quote][/spoiler] [b]“Why do you guys think you can tell us where to post?”:[/b] We have been asked by both moderators and Bungie employees to help clean up the forums and educate people on how to use them properly. [spoiler]Stosh (Bungie Employee): [quote] I've missed you seventh column! Also use #recruitment for looking for game/group/raid threads please. You can find it on the forums main page. Please downvote topics that are mis-tagged. I've been moving as many as I can.[/quote][/spoiler][spoiler]Stosh (Bungie Employee): [quote]Yea down voting recruitment threads in gaming will also help. It will take a while to clean up. Don't be mean and let people know where recruitment now lives.[/quote][/spoiler] [b]”But I see LFG/Destiny posts here. Why are they here?”:[/b] Change takes time and education. Since the old site had updated back in 2012, Bungie removed features like sticky threads (recently reintroduced) which helped point people in the right direction and laxed the rules for the site, thus leading to some problems we see today. Some situations we’ve come to see are a more toxic community (not 100% perfect before, but it was much less hostile), more mis-posts, and necrobumps. When a Destiny thread makes its way into #Gaming, people will generally point them in the right direction. However, that brings me to my next point… [b]”Why not just scroll past/ignore Destiny posts? Why does it matter?”[/b]: If you had seen the subforum before and after Destiny was initially released, you would have your answer. Threads that go unchecked typically lead to a slippery slope of people thinking it’s okay to post in the wrong section. Bungie has created the different subforums for a reason: to keep the forum organized and people can easily find what they are looking for. If you have posted an LFG thread or a Destiny thread, please kindly edit the tag from #Gaming to the appropriate section. If you do not see your post, it was probably already moved. [spoiler]Recon Number 54 (Ninja/Moderator): [quote] Destiny is the current game being developed by our hosts and the only one that they are actively involved in. As a result, there are dedicated #tags for topics that are discussing #destiny, #clans for people who are looking for others to play Destiny, form fireteams or search for or advertise clans. There are also dedicated "main tags" for #feedback on Destiny, for #help with the redeeming codes or downloading the Beta. #Gaming is a general #tag for any and all games that Bungie is not currently developing or involved in. Post where the audience is going to be looking for the topics that you create. Destiny topics tagged #gaming will either be ignored, flamed (by some of our less friendly members), or retagged by the ninja in order to be seen by the most relevant and interested population. I hope that clarifies things for everyone. [/quote][/spoiler][spoiler] Deej (Community Manager): [quote]The moderators have been instructed by me to move threads that are in the wrong place. Like librarians, they shelve things so that they can be easily found by their intended audience. That is a service that they provide to you as volunteers. You are welcome to thank them. If you go out of your way to be hostile toward the harmony of the forum, we'll be happy to give you time to think about it... Please respect the environment you've been given.[/quote][/spoiler] [b]"There is nothing in the CoC that says I cannot post LFG or Destiny topics here!":[/b] This is true, but Bungie expects people to post where the intended audience is and use their best judgement. [spoiler]Prometheus25 (Ninja/Moderator in regards to why it's not specified Destiny threads do not belong in #Gaming): [quote]Because not everything should need to be spelled out and spoon-fed.[/quote][/spoiler][spoiler]True Underdog (Ninja/Moderator):[quote]The more specific rules you add, the more loopholes and "that's not a specific rule so you can't ban/warn me for that" we run into. If you saw the rules pre-2011, you'd know that they were extremely overreaching and ended up in a not-so-fun game of "I'm not touching you."[/quote][/spoiler][spoiler] Code of Conduct:[quote]Bungie reserves the right to control this website and everything on it. These guidelines require you to use your best judgment. Play nice. If you're not sure if the stuff you're about to share with the world is appropriate for, don’t post it. That'll help you stay clear of the Banhammer's blast radius.[/quote][/spoiler] [b]KEEP IT CLEAN:[/b] If you see anyone being disrespectful please report them. Do not escalate the confrontation by insulting them back or retaliating. Have fun and be polite. As Bungie says “You have no rights. Play nice!” (This goes for [i]both[/i] sides of the conflict.) [b]TL;DR:[/b] Please respect the community and the environment given to you and post in the appropriate area. [url=]Do not think you have any rights to post anywhere you want, and do not be rude to the people who politely point you in the right direction. This also goes for people redirecting, please be polite to those who are mis-tagging.[/url] Also, don’t escalate any confrontations on the forum; report people being rude and move on.

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