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[Exotic Weapon Concept] Shock and Maw

Disclaimer: I threw this idea together in about 5-10 minutes, but my god I love it. So my fellow Guardians, I had a fantastic idea for a new Exotic weapon. A Fallen AND (yes, I said AND) SIVA Shock Rifle. Imagine if you will, firing a standard Fallen Shock Rifle. It would have 5 total bursts in a Magazine, the rounds would be a simple Blue 3-shot burst and they would track to and hit their target as expected. Once all ammo is expunged, the weapon will activate the Exotic Perk: Soul Shock, which slowly refills the magazine by sucking the Souls out of enemies. Pretty cool, right? Here's the twist: if the second Exotic Perk: Splicer's Maw is enabled, once the Magazine is empty the weapon emanates a flash of Red light, Roars (similar to Dragon's Breath, Touch of Malice, Wolf Pack Rounds, etc.) and transforms into a SIVA infected Shock Rifle. Any time you use Soul Shock during this phase, you reabsorb your landed rounds into the gun. Every 3 rounds that are reabsorbed turn into a single extra Red SIVA Round that heals you, and these stack for a max of 5 on top of the 15 round Blue ammo pool. Red SIVA Rounds travel much slower than the normal Shock Rounds and you can only fire one at a time, but they do a -blam!-TON more damage and explode on vicinity to the target. Due to this, the trick with this gun will lie in the ability of a player to maximize the amount of Shock and SIVA Rounds that hit the target and chain both healing and bonus damage with the reabsorbed Red SIVA Rounds. Once all reabsorbed rounds are expended, the gun will emanate a flash of Blue light, turn back into the Fallen Shock Rifle and use the standard Blue ammo pool of 15 rounds. Notes: This is primarily a Special weapon geared towards PvE, Strikes & Raids, but Soul Shock is slow to fill a magazine and cannot be refilled via ammo bricks, and the SIVA Rounds are VERY risky to use in the current Sniper/Scout/Shotgun PvP Meta! You can completely disable Splicer's Maw and simply have a regular shock rifle with just the Soul Shock Perk, which essentially gives you infinite ammo if you can manage to work the ebb and flow of firing your weapon and sucking up Souls. 3 rounds is roughly equal to 1/4 of your health, 9-12 rounds will give a full heal, all 15 rounds will do a full heal and refill shields instantly TL;DR: Shock Rifle with Exotic Perk Soul Shock, which enables ammo regen via sucking Souls out of enemies. With Splicer's Maw enabled, Turns into SIVA Infected Shock Rifle and reabsorbs landed rounds which heal you and can be fired as up to 5 Red Explosive projectiles on top of the normal 15 round ammo pool. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK, GUARDIANS!

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