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Eris Morn BackStory :Headcanon Gameplay:.

[i]Honestly I didn't know if this should go in Lore or in Offtopic. So please correct it if it's wrong--Thank you.[/i] Also this is long, if you read it please give input, you can criticize but please not too much hate ;-; thnx. So I love Eris' backstory, so much. It made my heart feel a certain type of way you know? And so with that usually comes up with ideas and fantasies that could play out in the game... Now there is no way this would ever happen, but since it would give so much depth to characters in Destiny if it did, I had to write out this head-canon. What if in order to do a specific objective--weather it be for a raid to advance in the quest-line--you had to learn Eris' backstory. Right now I'm gonna give a situation: [i]We'll say Destiny comes out with ANOTHER Hive DLC and you're trying to track the path of Toland and gain more information about him and what he did because it can give you the ability to end the Hive once and for all.[/i] Unfortunately, you cannot track him, you have no idea where to start--the only lead you have is that the Hive tunnels, which burrow further into the Moon, can lead you to his remains or any leads to what happened to him. Sadly, you can't trek through blindly in the dark with no idea on where to go. BUT GUESS WHO TREKKED THROUGH SLOP AND LIGHT EATING WORMS AND THRALL AND DARKNESS AND IS TOTALLY THE NUMBER ONE BEST FRIEND OF EVERYONE AT THE TOWER???? That's right, pal: Eris Morn. So after many quests and doing things you convince Eris to let you into her mind and relive what she did, for it is the only way to get a lead and move on with things. [i]You still with me? Hang in there...[/i] So either in a lengthy cinematic it portrays the events of Eris Morn's years stuck in the depths of the moon and you the gamer, witnesses all the deaths and such, and then after the cutscene you move on... [b]OOOOOORRRR[/b] What if it was a single player mission where you play as the Hunter herself, Eris, and you move through the hunt for Crota. It begins with a Cinematic of the team hiding out in the moon base, waiting for the right time to strike. Eris narrates that they thought defeating Crota could help turn the tides in the war against the Hive. There is dialogue and you see the characters with nervousness, sternness, but they are battle-ready, but not prepared for what was coming. You hear the snarky, but friendly, comments Eriana-3 and Sai Mota are making. There's the stern but fond commands of Vell Tarlowe and the silence of Omar and the random mutters and complex statements from none other than Toland. They are all in there armor--helmets and all. The game starts up and you are moving toward the Temple of Crota. You go through without much trouble, conversing, learning about background and lore and history of all these Guardians. Suddenly, as you hit the doorway: Verok spawns and you all try to kill her there are a lot of thrall and a cinematic triggers--enter the death of Tarlowe. Eris looking back, watching him overwhelmed by the thrall, her hand reaching out as if to save him but the rest of the team understands they must move forward. The scene would end. There would dialogue, but it would mostly be quiet. Eriana-3 makes a comment about if he was a Warlock he could just Res....but there is pain in her voice and your team has no choice but to move on. As your team progresses Toland warns them of Omnigul and why she needed to be stopped so Omnigul could not stop the team. As you look for her you enter a portal, but for some reason Eris and Toland and Omar are together but Eriana-3 and Sai Mota are no longer with you. There is a few short lines Eris speaks to herself about not liking to leave the others behind but that Omnigul and Crota needed to be stopped and a Cinematic loads. This scene shows Eriana-3 and Sai Mota realizing they are separated from the group. They understand they need to move on, knowing standing still leaves them open. They hunt Omnigul but she ambushes them. They manage to kill the acolytes and Omnigul flees. They then proceed to try and climb out--realizing up is the only way to go from there. The scene cuts to the top and you see Eriana's hand grasp the edge. She makes it up and looks down at Sai, joking, trying to lighten the obviously fearful atmosphere. Suddenly, Omnigul appears. Eriana managed to get into cover, but she remembers that Sai is still climbing. She watches as Omnigul shoots at something out of view and then disappears. Eriana looks over the edge to see Sai Mota at the bottom, the light in her ghost fading. Out of anger and thirst for revenge she managed to capture a witch and gain info to hunt down Omnigul. She finds the hive being and activates her Radiance--[i]so obv she can't revive now right?[/i]. It ends with Eriana-3 charging Omnigul. The scene then cuts to Eris looking up as the Deathsinger's screams echo around them. But is obvious Eriana-3 dies since Omnigul is still alive. Scene ends. It cuts back to Eris and Omar and Toland. They trek forward. After a few minutes of fighting and moving on you get in a heavy amount of mobs. You have no choice but to run. You make it through some doors but Omar is on the other side. You move on--dialogue exchanges happen between Eris and Toland: they presume he's dead and then wonder if Sai and Eriana-3 share the same fate. Some more fighting happens and a Toland of wanting to find out more about the Hive, especially the Deathsingers. You part ways for Eris wants to find Crota. SUPRISE. You find Omar! Sadly it is not a happy reunion. A cinematic triggers. Omar is captured and is being tortured. The witch is stripping his light way--which I image would like like the what Oryx did to himself after shoving the Taken element in himself, or well at least that motion. He's screaming, his head turns, and though he has a helmet and you can't see it occur, he spots Eris off in the distance. And for the first time, you hear him speak, he says " [b]run[/b]". Eris hesitates but he shouts it again and you watch her run off, his scream in the background. The scene ends and you must outrun thrall and other Hive. You mus then get through puzzles using a TOMB HUSSSKKK until a final scene triggers. It shows Eris hiding in the dark with just her Ghost and the Tomb husk. She puts away the Ghost and gazes into the husk. The screen fades to black and it states how much time progresses. It then has Eris narrate how she trekked through the tunnels and learned the way of the Hive. Meanwhile it shows her walking out with the Tomb Husk in hand....her mask is ripped away partially and her armor is dripping with the same black goo.....she has taken her hood and put it low on her face so you cannot see her eyes but the black goo is trickling. She speaks of her escape and how no one believed her and they all thing she's crazy. She then narrates why you were so important how killing Crota and Oryx helped so much. She then states how you finding out clues to Toland or his research can help put her fireteam at rest, but not only that but every lost soul that died at the hands of the Hive. -END- Sorry that was long. A lot of it could have been inaccurate and this could be so dumb but like, I really like the idea. I'm sure it would be better as a mini series on like youtube or something. Also the rendering would probably take long. And I know this is out there. But I just wish there was more in depth stuff with these CPU's we interact with. They're all surface, and a lot of people don't read Grimoire cards or do the research. THANKs [url][/url] for writing a easy and to the point backtory of Eris' fireteam. c:

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