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A Guardian On Strike (pt. 1)

"Guardian," Commander Zavala's voice suddenly rang out of my console as I exited hyperspace towards Earth, it startled me, but I recovered quickly to respond. "Yes, this is Cypher-10; I read you loud and clear." "Good." Zavala responded, and took a deep breath before continuing, "I see that you're currently headed near the European Dead Zone near Memento, and I would like you to accompany two other guardians on a cooperative strike mission in the area. We've located a new Fallen threat, a Servitor by the name of Zikics has been scrapping the remains of old Prime Servitors such as Sepiks, and is trying to establish as the new Prime for a house that has yet to fully form. He's been uniting members from other houses devastated by our success, but you're going to punch through his defenses and take this beast out. Coincidently, out readings show a number of Hive Seeders advancing on their position as well, so I'm teaming you up with two Titan's by the name of Zeke and Omar. You three will take care of these threats without drawing too much attention, and report back to the Tower on mission completion." "Why not send more Guardian's from the nearby Crucible arena to assist? I hope this pays good," I smirked to myself, and hoped this would wind him up a bit. "Because this doesn't concern Lord Shaxx, and because I need a team that is going to be efficient and discrete. Payment will be based on the quality that the mission is completed," Zavala seemed perturbed by my question. I let out a long sigh, "alright, but did you really have to send two Titan's?" "Just get it done." Zavala cut the transmission, and I snickered to myself at his frustration. "Oh Zavala, someone needs to give you more vacation," I redirected my course to the coordinates sent to my console, "and a strong-ass drink to go with it!" Seconds later, I saw two ships come in from the right, and we continued down to land on Earth. We dropped on site, and the ships were taken a few yards away in a safe location. The first Titan had pristine armor, well taken care of, and a stance that suggested strong leadership. A scout rifle, a LDR sniper rifle, and a simple LMG accompanied the first Titan. The second had several gnashes and scratches on his armor as well as a few custom red markings on his helmet, he seemed on edge as if eager to fight, and judging by his battle-worn armor I'm sure he is. A Red Spectre seems to be his main weapon, but he also has a shotgun and sword setting on reserve. "Nice LDR, the Vanguard sure hasn't been stingy with you! I'm Cypher-10." I half waved towards the first Titan. "Luck of the draw I suppose, but it's just a weapon. I'm Omar." "Zeke." The second Titan announced as he started forward. "Oh, cool, so any idea where these Seeders are going to-" I was interrupted by a sharp noise that cut through the sky, followed by a large rumble, and we saw two Seeders land quite a distance out in a clearing just outside of the city. "Let's go, Zeke you move in close with Cypher-10; I'll stay back and cover your advance." "Aye aye, captain!" I shouted as I brandished my handcannon. As we ran through the empty streets of the European Dead Zone, I couldn't help but marvel at the beauty of the moss and vines growing among the hollowed husks of ancient buildings and roads. This place must have been thriving with activity before our Golden Age came to a halt, and I always wish I had been there to see it all. Another sharp noise interrupted my thoughts as a third Seeder broke through the atmosphere, and I was ripped back to the reality of us sprinting head-on towards the creatures that cut short our paradise. Another rumble indicated that the Seeder touched down, but this one was farther out than the first two. A harsh buzz followed quickly after the third Seeder, and we looked up to see four Tombships warp above the first two Seeders. "Oh boy, more friends!" I chanted as we closed in on the first site. "Doesn't matter," Omar yelled as he took position with his LDR, "positions are still the same; move!" Zeke and I picked up the pace, and as we neared the Seeders the area opened to a clearing with a few scattered cars, rocks, and trees. We took cover behind two old rusted cars at the perimeter with Zeke to my left, and Omar scoped-in from behind. "You ready to shoot some bad guys?" I yelled to Zeke over the droning buzz of the Tombships. "How about we let our guns do the talking?" Zeke yelled back as he stood to brace his weapon on the trunk of the car. "Alright, Kick ass!" I yelled back over as I took aim at the ground below one of the Tombships. Shrieking erupted as two dozen Thrall formed on the ground underneath each of the closest two Tombships, and behind them several Acolytes and five Knights with swords followed the charge. I heard Zeke open fire, I followed by blasting several Thrall in the front, while Omar took down a Knight with a well placed shot. The Tombships slipped back into portals, and the battle continued. Suddenly, I noticed that the Thrall on my left were crawling on the ground, and I looked over to see that Zeke was shooting their legs out instead of going for the kill. "What are you doing?" I yelled over as I put down an Acolyte about to take cover behind a wrecked car in front of us. Zeke didn't answer, and continued shooting the legs of the Thrall on his side. A hissing noise broke through the chaos, and the doors to the Seeders fell to the ground. A Wizard came out of each one followed by more Thrall, Acolytes, and four Knights with boomer cannons. Another round of Omar's sniper took down a second sword wielding Knight. "Omar, focus on the boomers, or we're going to get pinned down fast!" I took cover as one of the arc rounds landed near me before resuming fire on the quickly approaching Thrall. "Ugh, I have to reload; give me a second," Omar replied sounding rushed. The remaining Thrall were nearly upon me, so with a flick of the wrist I ended them in a blaze of solar energy with my incendiary grenade. "Zeke, what are you doing? That's suicide," Omar yelled over the radio. I looked over to see Zeke standing before a Knight who was swinging his sword down upon our teammate, but Zeke exploded with solar energy as he stopped the Knights strike in mid-swing. Zeke then forced the Knight down on one knee before beheading it with one swing of his hammer. Once the Knight fell, Zeke rolled out of the way of a boomer shot, while grabbing the dead Knights sword. In one fluid motion, Zeke sprung up out if his roll, launching into the air, and threw the sword at a boomer Knight. The sword struck with great force, piercing through the Knight's chest, and killing him on the spot. Before I could advance for support, I was ripped down to the ground, and a legless Thrall clawed furiously at my legs. "Woah man, at least take me to dinner first," I shouted as I punched him to the side. "Screw this; I'm moving up," Omar yelled as he came running over. "Right there with you buddy," I replied, while getting up before more legless or injured Thrall could reach me. "I'm going to put up a ward of dawn in the center, it'll boost your armor capabilities, so meet me there." Omar communicated through the radio transmission. "Copy that big guy," I replied as I moved towards the center. "I'll be there," Zeke chimed in, while he used his solar sword to cut down a nearby Wizard. I arrived first, but Omar was quick to follow, and deployed the shield as more Hive turned their fire upon us. Zeke was last in, and used his shotgun to take down a few Acolytes along the way. Once regrouped, we methodically eliminated the Hive on site with Zeke occasionally breaking formation to dispatch enemies as he saw fit. After the last enemy fell, Omar called us in to regroup between the Seeders, and I was thankful for a second to rest before we went after the third one. "What happened back there Zeke?" Omar addressed after a few seconds. "We killed the Hive." "Yeah, but you were constantly breaking formation, your tactics are reckless, and your bloodlust directly affected Cypher-10 here," Omar pointed to me, but maintained a steady gaze at Zeke's position. "We won, that's all that matters, so don't worry," Zeke crossed his arms, and looked towards the third Seeder. "We did, and you fought well," Omar paused for a moment to look at the remaining Seeder as well. "Just tone it down a bit on this one; focus on the kill, and try not to overextend." Zeke remained silent for a time, and Omar didn't show any intention to continue. "Okay," Zeke finally said, "I'll tone it back a bit, but get off my back." "I'm glad we came to a compromise," I cut in before Omar could respond, "besides, I always hate listening to Mom and Dad fight." We all turned to face the final Seeder, "let's go!" - To read part 2 of A Guardian On Strike: [url][/url] To read my previous entry: [url][/url] Omar - "A Guardian On Patrol:" [url][/url] Zeke - "A Guardian With Fire:" [url][/url]

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