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Why True Heterosexuality Is Actually Not Common

I have had a same sex experience and enjoyed it


I have had a same sex experience and hated it


I have never had a same sex experience




2. 3. 4. Heterosexuality, or (being straight) is the most common sexual orientation for humans...or so we thought. There are three main sexual orientations with hundreds of them in total. [b]Heterosexuality[/b]: Sexual attraction to the opposite sex [b]Bisexuality[/b]: Sexual attraction to both main sexes [b]Homosexuality[/b]: Sexual attraction to the same sex What I perceive as "true heterosexuality is 100% attraction to the opposite sex with 0% temptation to have sexual intercourse with the same sex. Due to new research in the field, it turns out true heterosexuality is actually very rare and most people actually fit under the bisexual category. [i]Researchers asked 345 women about their sexual preferences and compared these with their arousal levels when shown videos of attractive men and women.They found 28% of straight women were mostly aroused by their preferred sex, compared with 68% of gay women. [/i]This was reported by BBC.UK in late 2015. An article was posted by LGBTQ Nation, interviewing "straight" men who have previously experimented sexually with other men. My favorite line in this article is[i] "I'm married now but I can't stop fantasizing about my gay experiments in college"[/i] This is a common issue for many men around the world, whether they're supportive of LGBTQ rights or not. On the issue of homophobia, yet another study was conducted, this time on strongly anti-gay individuals. The result was that people with homophobic views are more likely to be gay than those who are supportive of the issue. I have all three sources linked at the top in order. As acceptance of LGBTQ individuals increases, the more evidence we acquire that heterosexuality is one of the least common sexual orientations. This could've been suggested 2,000 years ago in ancient Rome as well, as bisexuality and homosexuality was the norm, and the outlawing of these practices only started with the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire in the 4th century AD. To make it perfectly clear, there's nothing wrong with this. Homosexuality and bisexuality are found in over 1,500 animal species and the only species that tend to disapprove of this are ourselves. If you wanna know if you're straight, ask yourself one question: have you ever, had a sexual experience with the same sex? Did you find any enjoyment in it no matter ow small or large? If you did then [u]you're not straight. [/u]

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  • Biology will tell you that sexual reproduction between mammals is only possible between opposite sexes, i.e the only way to further your species is to have babies. So really. If one is going to justify a biologically deviant behavior that, if normal, would result in the extinction of that species, by appealing to Science, or supposedly erotic behavior in the animal kingdom, I beg to differ. The only argument for homosexuality that is passable is "well it just feels right to me because I'm attracted to it". That raises the whole issue of morality however. Is it what you make it? And if so, why would same sex be okay, but not -blam!- little dead corpses? What is the authority here? Something to think about.

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