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Definitive Answer to Accuracy, Aim Assist / Target Acquisition, and Range Post Taken King <3

If you don't wanna watch the video </3 You can read a quick summary. I'm down to answer any questions if you're still confused about this. An upvote helps me a ton <3 If you like this kind of stuff :3 you could sub. I put my all into every video. Edit: I announced this video on January 30th. Just before I uploaded the video, Datto beat me to it literally by hours. I was devastated. I decided to throw out the video, but then [b]Datto Himself told me to upload it[/b] anyways and not to throw out hard work. This is me announcing this vid on Jan 30: Plus my video does credit him. I had to go back and make many changes. Datto's focus was on perks, and how accuracy isn't well represented. I highly recommend you check out Datto's video, he's clearly the best Destiny Youtuber out there, easily. This video focuses on the history of how the changes came to be, and an in-depth look on all these Mechanics, not just accuracy. I hope this clears up confusion, I was incredibly upset I couldn't get my video up a few hours earlier, but hey, that's Youtube :/ My other sources are listen in the video description if you're curious. Anyways :3 Year 1 had a tons of balance issues. The [u]Age of Auto Rifles[/u] was replaced by the [u]Age of Hand Cannons[/u] after AR Damage was nerfed. In year 2, Bungie decided to completely re-tune Range instead of nerfing / buffing weapon damage. Range is now [u]EVERYTHING[/u]. Range contains your Accuracy, Damage Drop-off over Distance, and your Target Acquisition. Aim assist and Target Acquisition are the same things BTW, Target Acquisition just sounds cooler. Yes, that's honestly why they changed the name. It doesn't sound good to say "this gun helps you aim." Accuracy is a cone which widens from the tip of your weapon. Bullets can land ANYWHERE within this shooting cone. The tighter the cone, the more likely you are to land shots that are on target. Low Accuracy weapons can still miss, even when aimed perfectly IF you are firing from outside of your weapon's [b]Effective Range.[/b] Increasing Range also increases [b]Aim Assist and Accuracy[/b]. Accuracy has two states, [b]Initial Accuracy[/b] and [b]Final Accuracy[/b] (which I like to call Sustained Accuracy). The longer you fire, the wider your accuracy cone - more missed shots. Bungie wants you to take your time and place your shots. [b]ADS[/b] (aim down sights) [b]Accuracy[/b] is basically really tight [b]Hip Fire Accuracy[/b]. The bullet doesn't necessarily hit dead center of where you aim. I FORGOT TO MENTION ZOOM!!! Here's my 90-second run through of Zoom. YES, [u]it matters[/u] lol it actually matters a lot. Zoom is a [b]range MULTIPLIER[/b] [url][/url] I made a second post about this Zoom video alone. If you'd like to help me out <3 [url][/url]

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