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2/28/2016 1:08:02 AM


Destiny needs a dedicated Survival mode, similar to Gears of Wars Horde mode. This is my idea: -This Survival mode will be set in multiple different destinations, with areas crafted specifically for it, kinda like a Crucible map. -Survival mode will feature a round-based system with each round getting more difficult as they go on. There are an infinite number of rounds. -Survival mode will feature it's own set of end-game armor, weapons, and other items. -Like the PoE, each round besides Boss Rounds feature randomized encounters against a certain enemy race. -Survival mode is a brand-new and viable end-game activity. It will allow up to 3 Guardians in a Fireteam. Survival does feature matchmaking. -Different locations will have you surviving against different enemy races, all at the same level and Light according to the challenge you set it at. -My first map idea is called Broken Intel, and would be set in the Eos Chasm on Mars. You would fight Cabal in this Survival zone. -You will be able to bring all your gear and abilities into Survival mode but with a twist: You must unlock and purchase your gear back with points as the rounds go by. -At Round 1, you will only have a random Rare primary weapon to work with, along with your abilities. You will also have your armor replaced with random Rare armor. This armor will be at the same Defense as your previously-equipped armor. -The Survival map is small and features a small area in it which has the most cover, and purchasable fortifications to defend it(Gears of War Horde mode). You can survive in other areas of the map, but it is more difficult. -There is no objective however other than to survive. -In this small area are 3 Stations where you can buy new your gear and upgrades. -Your gear and upgrades unlock as the rounds go by. -Every 5 rounds, a random modifier will activate, replacing the current modifier. -When you hit Round 15, the Heroic modifier will be added, and the Epic modifier at Round 40. -Every 10 rounds is a Boss Round, with the Boss at round 50 being the final special boss. Weapon Station Options -Buy your Primary weapon for 500 points. -Buy your Special weapon for 2500 points. -Buy your Heavy weapon for 5000 points. -Refill your Primary ammo for 100 points. -Refill your Special ammo for 1000 points. -Refill your Heavy ammo for 2500 points. -Buy Sword of Crota for 1 min for 5000 points. -Buy Scorch Cannon for 2000 points. -Buy Aegis Relic for 90 seconds for 5000 points. -Your Heavy weapon has infinite ammo for 1 min for 10000. -Gives your Primary a bottomless clip for 30 seconds for 3000. -Applies a burning effect to all weapons for 60 seconds for 3500. -Allows multiple Exotic weapons to be equipped for a full round for 15000. Armor Station Options -Buy your Helmet, Gauntlets, Chest, Legs, Class Item, Artifact, or your Ghost for 250 each. -Upgrades your Armor stat significantly for a full round for 2500. -Equip multiple Exotics for a full round for 15000. Light Station -Instantly charge your Grenade for 500. -Instantly charge your Melee for 500. -Instantly charge your Super for 3000. -Boosts your Light by 10 for a full round for 7500. -Replaces Special and Heavy ammo drops with Orbs of Light for 1000. -Maxes out your Subclass stats when critically wounded for a full round for 5000. -If a non-Major enemy downs you, they will die and explode for a full round for 1000. -Sacrifice yourself for a full round for all your points but your allies deal double damage and their Supers charge 3x as fast. -You can only have 3 upgrades/perks active at one time. Thanks everyone so much for listening! Bungie please consider this it would be amazing!

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