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A serious discussion about P2P or Dedicated servers multiplayer: Poll - Would you like dedicated servers?

Yes - Let me play against locals


No - I like worldwide connections and play anyone


Yes - But i want to keep playing players Worldwide


No - I like the lag, or dont experience lag


Hello guys, I just want to start a discussion about P2P multiplayer or Dedicated servers. First, im a 32 year old gamer who played alot of Counterstrike back in the days, started at beta 1.3. Been in a clan that played the euro-leagues so I know my gaming ;). That doesnt mean im any good at PVP in Destiny btw. Alot of you people started complaining about the lag recently (after they introduced skilled based matchmaking). But the lag has always been there. I played alot of Halo 1 on my xbox and it had a terrible network code. It was designed for local play or LAN play. To surpass this problem we used a program called xbconnect to simulate a network on the internet and even with a connection of 1MB down (yeah people that was the best connection possible in those days for "normal" people that didnt have a University connection) it lagged extreme for the people that didnt host the game. After Halo 1 came xbox live. So they had to set up a network code that actually worked on xbox live and i guess without the money for a huge serverpark running dedicated servers for Halo 2 only. They hired some good professionals for the network code and came up with the code of Halo 2. And people it was terrible, from a Pc gamer (back than) which was used to play on dedicated servers from CS that where runned by friend who where on the University of Eindhoven and hid their server somewhere in a room (on the university) nobody ever entered so that we had a superb connection. Alot of "console" people and regulars didnt mind, they could play online and it was all they ever asked for. People became adjusted to the lag that was there. To make a long story a little bit "not as long". Bungie kept that system they had and expanded it to what it is today in Destiny. For PVE it works great (most of the times), but it works good in patrol and zoneing to other areas and stuf. For PVP, it is stil the same crap it always have been and im glad that alot of people start complaining about it. Hits that dont register, dying when you are behind a wall for 2 seconds but stil some magic bullets sway around the corner etc. Its the normal experiences we experience every day in this game. Im glad alot of other company in console gaming set up dedicated servers now because alot of companys never did it until they noticed the entire gameplay gets ripped apart by it. I understand that it is cheaper but its always and ALWAYS going to be a second best. Your depended on the connection of others and face it, those are rubbish. Why? Alot of people dont even know how to open their network ports and use a connection for everything. Netflix when they are gaming, dling pR0n you name it. So the connection is never going to be stable. In my opinion Bungie needs to do something about this or for Destiny 2 (i understand that you have to rewrite alot of the network code) to keep a game that is going to be a competitive online multiplayer game. Do you guys think that a dedicated server park for each continent with the additional cost (that are major btw, so keep that in mind, matter of fact try to think like bungie was your company) are better for this game. And do you think you would play Destiny longer if it had this option? Would you spent more money on the game if it had this option? Would you mind playing people only from your local area in multiplayer if it had this option? Also the people in Africa, where there are less Destiny players? I set up a poll, so you people can vote and discuss, because I think this game is not dying. But the frustration of a P2P connection in multiplayer is keeping me away from multiplayer. And maby other people dont think that way, but im just curious how you guys think about it.

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