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Today we salute YOU!

[b]///Today we salute [i]you,[/i] Mr. Destiny Community Manager!///[/b] [spoiler]Not you, Cozmo.[/spoiler] [b][i]Cozmo may have adopted the vague, but you, you were born into it. [/i][/b] [i]I don't know where I'm going with this up-da-a-ate![/i] [b][i]Truly, DeeJ, you are the man for the job. Bungie knew they had the right guy when you answered "[u]maybe[/u]" for every option in your application.[/b][/i] [i]Criminal background I don't kno-o-ow![/i] [i][b]It takes a skilled man to balance what he says to a community, but you do us one better by saying nothing at all.[/b][/i] [i]This week at Bungi-i-ie![/i] [b][i]Sarcasm? Check. Grey area? Check. Schwag? Maybe. Suit to match 18th century Scotland street art? Abso-blam!-inglutely. [/i][/b] [i]Can't pick a color so I'll wear them a-a-all![/i] [b][i]If there's a way to relate our undying love for Destiny with a beer and a dragon, you'd have a paragraph to reference them. [/i][/b] [i]Gotta make this post look swee-e-eet![/i] [b][i]And just as we needed the Phalanxs to have a second way to piss us off, we needed a community manager who doesn't play the game. [/i][/b] [i]That's why we hired Coz-m-o-ooo![/i] [b][i]So crack yourself open a nice cold [u]Bud Light[/u], DeeJ, for without you, we might know what's coming up in Destiny.[/i][/b] ///[b]Mr. Destiny Community Manager-r!///[/b] [spoiler]Still love you DeeJ. <3[/spoiler] [spoiler]Maybe..[/spoiler] [spoiler]Vague ending note...[/spoiler][/quote] [b]EDIT:[/b] I did not think people took me 110% seriously. [b]YES[/b], I know DeeJ can only say so much. I make most of my posts to represent a consensus within the community, in a more humorous manner than all caps and curse words. I personally am not okay with the fact that things like [b][i]Black Spindle[/i][/b], which was beneficial to the community, get immediately addressed. On the opposite end, things that directly affect all players every day like the [b][i]glimmer glitch[/i][/b] and presumably [b][i]XP bug with armor[/i][/b] (so on, so forth) are never brought up, or even acknowledged by Bungie employees that post on here. I [b][i]will[/i][/b] say a sarcastic comment about weapon parts from a Bungie employee that doesn't play enough to upgrade a weapon isn't necessary. I [b][i]will[/i][/b] say I find it ridiculous almost every [i][b]"Bungie Reply"[/b][/i] is to a praise/humor post, and never anything we'd actually like information from...[b]on [i]their[/i] forum.[/b] <--- and all of that there, that little mini rant, that's what I don't like to do. I like to post in a more light hearted way. [b]So take it with a grain of salt, [i]instead of being salty. [/i][/b] [spoiler]But if you are salty I don't mind. Be as sassy as you'd like! (: it's the internet. [/spoiler]

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