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12/17/2015 4:15:02 PM

Things i refuse to live without in SRL

[b][i]Sparrow Racing[/i][/b] is a blast, the constant controller vibrations are just an added bonus. Here are some things that will bring it to a Super Saiyan level of badassery. [b][i]Selectable announcers:[/i][/b] I love Amanda holiday and her lustful eyes as much as the next guy, but sometimes I need an Australian Vixen letting me know I've taken the lead. Sometimes I need [b][i]Samuel Jackson motivation.[/i][/b] I wouldn't mind Cayde 6 himself letting me know I lost him his purse. [b][i]Loop-de-loops:[/i][/b] Insert [i]Just Do It[/i] video here. [b][i]Bridges:[/i][/b] Everybody's favorite part of Crota's End was correctly forming the bridge, so let me fly over one at [b]160 kph.[/b] Also, Rainbow Road. [b][i]Sexy Sweeper Bot flag drop:[/i][/b] Beginning of the race, out walks Sweeper Bot, in a tight crop top and jean shorts, [b]3...[i]2....[u]1....[/u][/i][/b] [b]GO![/b] [b][i]Post-Race Lancing:[/i][/b] If I can't have Shank Jousting, please give me this. [b][i]1st person view option:[/i][/b] I [i]will[/i] hit the wall. I'd like to see what my sparrow sees when I end its life. [b][i]Bass drop:[/i][/b] Actually I just mean a very large fall, like entering the Gorgon's Lair via the jump of death. [b][i]Dismantle mines/Taken Captains:[/i][/b] I'm fine with either. Let's spice it up. [b][i]Dual sparrow:[/i][/b] Let me bring a friend with me. With a gun. First one across the line ([b]alive)[/b] gets the cake. [b][i]Shut up Ghost:[/i][/b] <--- [b][i]Louder, faster clown horns:[/i][/b] But only if you hate us. [b][i]Mara Sov/Petra cheerleaders:[/i][/b] Cayde and Shaxx for the ladies. [b][i]Jumping Puzzles/Transept:[/i][/b] Just kidding. Probably... Those are just a few things off the top of my head. [spoiler]For real on the loop-de-loop, though.[/spoiler]

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