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The Wishlist of a Casual Fan.

Afternoon Guardians, Over the past few weeks, I have really fell into the Destiny Community. It was in my desperation for Hawkmoon that I began to browse the forums, read the feedback, and start diving deeper. Before then, I spent days upon days scouring the Vault of Glass to find hidden secrets or the one thing someone else may have missed. In time, I've grown to learn, love, and hate a few things about Destiny. As a result, here is my wishlist: -- [b]Matchmaking[/b]: We heard Bungie's response to the outcry for raid matchmaking and replied with a resounding upset with a few middle fingers peppered in. However, we still want and crave a matchmaking option for some of that sweet endgame content. My proposal? Use the current engine's ability to "score" like guardians in PvP to "score" like guardians in PvE. Scale them by average K/D, precision shots, super kills, and average lifespan in the different areas. Take this data and create matches based on like skill or balanced skill. Allow guardians to meet up with strangers and begin building friendships by slugging through the hardest content together. I've met some great people in Vanguard Dragon. -- [b]Divide PvE from PvP[/b] Many of these buffs, nerfs, and adjustments are done in favor of the Guardians struggling to perform in the Crucible. We can see Thorn users burning away at some of our strongest players. We get upset when someone downs you with Felwinter's Lie from the other side of the room. While these are issues to be adjusted for a more balanced, player-slaying experience, the adjustments negatively impact PvE content which was more than enjoyable at vanilla. For example, the shotguns in the beginning unable to down a normal Fallen Captain at point blank, or the 1.1.1 Auto Rifles requiring a whole magazine to down a vandal, and now a nerf to the hand cannons which already struggled to be considered as a PvE primary due to their slow reloads, low reserves, small magazine size, and limited range yet focused on precision. Keep the two divided so the players enjoying PvE content aren't disrupted by the aggressors in PvP content. -- [b]Retro Active Vendor Inventory[/b] Since the release of House of Wolves, older gear can again be made useful by upgrading them with an Etheric Light. This element was crucial to my personal return to Destiny. Learning that my Vanilla gear became obsolete in The Dark Below made me feel that all my hard work and time was cast to the wind in favor of promoting new gear. The only way to hit max level and play new content was to get rid of my old gear. Now, we can update our favorite gear and keep what we fought so hard for. However, if there ever existed a piece of equipment you may have wanted in a previous expansion, you're out of luck. Cycle the vendor inventory between the items available in all the expansions. They don't even need to at max value, we can upgrade them ourselves. Why? Because Jackknife gear looked badass, The Devil You Know keeps a place in my heart, and the Iron Regalia Sleeves go great with my Alpha Lupi. -- [b]Sparrow Races or Mission Objectives[/b] Sparrows are the love child of a hoverboard, space jet, and Harley Davidson. They're sleek, badass, and fun to zip around maps. Speaking of, has anyone ever noticed some of those paths from point A to point B look an awful lot like a race track? You can grab air, strafe, super boost, and even take shortcuts in some areas. Has anyone else also noticed that the EV-Tumblr regenerates all of its boost energy when you land a flip or grab? Coincidence? Well, I certainly hope not. While I'm not a major fan of racing games, I think adding an element where your Sparrows are more than a glorified robotic horse would be beneficial to the overall experience. Doesn't work on old gen consoles? Well, make it next gen console exclusive. Give them a reason to save up for Christmas because MGSV and Halo 5 aren't going to be on the PS3 and Xbox 360. P.S. Add an Exotic Sparrow with some Pike-Like guns. Or a gun equip slot. Or heck, just let us shoot hand cannons while riding. -- [b]Dogfights and Space Combat[/b] Ships are pretty and they all have some huge looking weapons peppered across their hulls. Some have more thrusters than others, and some look more agile. Strangely, all of our combat occurs on the ground, yet we see enemy dropships inbound all the time. How is it we are able to travel from planet to planet without encountering an enemy fleet? Why not add a patrol feature or mission where you carry out your business inside the cockpit of your ship? Let us try out those rocket pods and cannons for something other than aesthetics. Give us something more to our ships than a slot similar to a shader, emblem, ghost shell, or similar useless item. Heck, let us call in an airstrike by a whole fireteam using their supers at the same time? Give us more than a customizable loading screen. -- [b]Heavy Melee Weapons[/b] Those swords we get to use to smash up Crota were pretty neat. Why not permit a weapon type to be used in our heavy slot? Maybe a Golden Age Claymore, or War Hammer? Make that impact larger that a rocket, have it run out of energy like a blade dancer, and let the player use quick or strong strikes. Give them the thrill of hand to hand combat with the galaxy's nastiest baddies. -- [b]Grenade Launchers and Miniguns[/b] The Cabal use them, why not add those to the Heavy Weapon Arsenal? Sure, the minigun could be an exotic HMG, but the grenade launchers could be an animal all in their own. Less impact and blast radius than rockets, but they require an arc, fire faster, and have larger magazines. Reloads would be much slower too. -- [b]New Armor Perks[/b] Let's diversify what our Arm gear does. Maybe it reloads snipers faster, or perhaps lets you speed up that horribly slow machine gun? How about gloves with an improved twitch response, adding Hair Trigger to weapons or improving RoF on Primaries by a few notches? Maybe let those Titans and Hunters steal ammo with each melee kill to help combat those Juggler modifiers and let Hand Cannons shine? For boots, let's have some increase slide distance, or improve mobility with ADS? Perhaps Chest pieces that provide a lifeline perk, or prevent Guardians from dying from massive damage with only 1HP at the cost of all their Super, Melee, and Nade energy? Spice it up a little. --[b] Faction Wars & Faction Missions[/b] Give us a better reason to join a specific faction instead of another vendor to grind. Have Faction missions that pertain to advancing each faction's interests. Help us care about why Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult exist. Let us rep their banners and compete in the crucible. Whichever faction racks up the most points by the end of the weekly reset gets an exp bonus while wearing faction gear, or gets discounts at the vendor, or earns a winners package. Let Guardians begin to rival each other in PvE for their factions by getting the most kills in a strike. Make us care more than grinding for the sake of grinding. -- [b]The Queen, The Stranger, The Nine, Xur[/b] While I do understand we have 9 more years of planned content, I want to see Destiny's story fleshed out. The fight against the darkness cannot be over. The Traveler still hover's lifeless over Earth. The Stranger is still a stranger with no origin or answers to her cryptic behavior. Who is Crow and when will we see more of the Queen? Xur is an agent of the Nine, but why do they send him to the Tower? Who are the Nine? How much do they know? When will we learn more about the Warminds? Why and what is Rasputin's role in our current world? We have so many questions, but not enough answers. As a player, I'd hate to wait 10 years to experience the full story or get a complete picture. Right now, it just feels like a massive Beta Test over the span of 10 years. If so, that's fine, but be upfront about it and let us know the answers we seek are on the horizon. -- [b]Ship Shaders, Gun Mods, Re-changeable Guardian Features, Casual Tower Garbs[/b] You've shown us that there are options for us to customize our look, feel, and function, why not go the extra mile? Add more of that MMO flavor and let us color our ships, let us customize our weapons, let us change our hair when we feel like, and open up some casual attire for the social areas. Heck, we have a dance club/bar down in the Hunter's den, let's build that into something really special! Or how about that one gate on the Speaker's side of the tower? Let's open that up to an auction house or trading floor. Maybe even let Guardians get their own room to deck out and discuss strategy in? Sometimes we just want to hang out instead of risking life, limb, and light defending the universe. -- [b]Planets[/b] We all saw the concept art for Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn. Sure it may be part of the expansions, but I'm eager to see it. Open up the solar system to us, let us start those patrols. Let us zoom around new planets and discover new zones. Heck, I'd even like to see new patrol areas added to the existing planets. Give us some room to push the envelope and see more of the post Golden Age world. Hopefully this will happen over the next nine years. I'd truly hate to see the Earth Patrols remain as just those few areas we have today. -- [b]Firing Range[/b] Let Banshee take us to the range to test out his wares or see what it's like to fire a Queenbreaker's before we grind Skolas endlessly. Give us a place to hone some of our target acquisition skills or combat maneuverability. Heck, even make it a survival mode where you keep killing increasing waves of baddies til you die. Also, let us have a spot to sandbox your Patch notes prior to implication.

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