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40 things more expensive than TTK

So... TTK costs 40$. That's a big deal to alot of you out there so I thought I might try to help you see that its really not that much. Given how much time will be put into that purchase 1. Typical dinner date. Usual 40 bucks give or take. Not much of a payoff. But a helluvagood steak eh? 2. Diapers. I just had a baby. That shiiit is so friggin expensive. 40$ for maybe 200. And your literally buying something... To get shiit in. Your money... Gets shiit into. 3...??? 4. Gas. Depending on your vehicle, this can fluctuate. But still. You just burn it away to get from point A to point B. 5. Back to baby's, baby formula. Ugh. Another expense that can easily cost you more than 40 in one week. 6. Child support. Luckily me and my girl are together but if that wasn't the case.. Pfft. There goes an easy 70-80 bucks a week. (granted it for a child, but we all know baby mommas don't just spend that on the baby right? C'mon now) 7. A new game.. Why buy a new game for 60 bucks when TTK is 20 cheaper. Never know which is gonna suck...hopefully TTK doesn't suck. Haha. It looks rather promising. 8. Stuff 9. To all you with hella focused light... 2 focused light costs you 5 bucks basically. I have that's 40 bucks right there... Yea... Fukk. 10. Car insurance. Sure if you get into an accident it's nice. But forking out 100 bucks or more a month to basically drive your car kinda sucks. Sorry kiddies. You don't understand. 11. Phone bill. Easy 60-100 bucks. More for family. Rather good payoff tho. Haha. 12....uh.... Winter jacket? (screw you southern folks) 13. An oil change.. New cars these days require synthetic oil. Easy 60-75 dollars every 3-5 thousand miles. 14. A couple 30 racks when you tryna get twisted with the boys. 15. An eighth. For all you stoners out there. And y'all know that shiits gone in a week. 16. Cigs. Easy 40 bucks a week for a pack a day smokers. 17. Condoms... For when ya pullout game weak...sorry kids. Skip this one, gross right? 18. Idfk. I'm running out of ideas. Gimme a break. 19. Doctor visits. For them to tell you to just sleep it off and then charge you 160 dollars for that... Wtf. 20...fukkkkk... I give up. Well I got 20...kinda. You guys can comment more below. Funnier the better. But anyways.... I have 1100 hours into destiny so far. I have definetely spent enough time with this game for it to be worth the 100 dollars I've put in so far. And 40 for the taken king sounds like a steal to me. The fact that they stated it's story is about the length of vanilla and the raid is longer and supposedly the best yet just gets my juices flowin... Yea. Flowin. And if your a hater. Please. Hate away. I love using my mute button, the only reason you hate is cuz you want to love it. Otherwise you'd leave the forums.

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