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Think people who take themselves too seriously are funny? I do too!

Last night I received a message from someone (XxRaven187xX) letting me know that some of my clan members were misbehaving while he was in their party. Now, I know all of my clan members personally, most of us grew up together, and I know we're not always the nicest people to deal with. To be clear, my clan (VexGonGiveIt2Ya) is indeed a small clan, but that's because we are all friends IRL. We have no aspirations of growing beyond our friends group, and if you like us, then that's cool, but we don't care if you're offended by us. It's a game, and we handle it as such. Below is a letter for letter transcript of the conversation I had with him, who I will call "RayRay" for brevity's sake. There will also be comments to provide context. TL;DR will be at the bottom, but if you came here, you came for the story. RayRay: Might want to watch you clan members coz as of now they are making your clan look bad. You a small clan and i would think youd like to grow but with a player like sumwierdguy0888 ypu wont. He uses players to get what he needs done then if he finds out they know more or are better than him he deletes them off his friends list. I just giving you tips i mean both my clan and the one i merged my clan with are acctually recognized by bungie. We are recognized for catchi RayRay: Cheaters. Just ask our founder. Either way as of now you got 3 shady people in your clan. RayRay: One of which i carried through skolas. So on another note they need to gg Me: I appreciate the thought man but you're off base. He's a dick, but he's not a cheater. Our whole clan grew up together. I appreciate you helping him through skolas because I haven't had time. He's just not good with teamwork. With that said, don't ever come to a clan leader sounding like you're threatening to expose them for cheating without proof of any cheating. It's a game, but you have to deal with real people, and not all people are nice and friendly. ----(What I found out later is that the one he ran through skolas wasn't even the one he was complaining about. He just felt like that was a necessary thing to add to the conversation) RayRay: Nrver said that RayRay: I just said we are recognized for catching cheaters brah RayRay: Read it again I never called him a cheater RayRay: And my clan does know I'm messaging you RayRay: And like I said I am a clan founder my self i merged my clan with a smaller clan coz i had admins like wierdguy RayRay: Didnt want to recruit im better than you youre a noob type people RayRay: So dont come at me sideways ------(I feel like it's necessary to break every time he sent a different message, seeing as how I was receiving notifications on my phone every time he sent a message) Me: I didn't ask for your credentials. I don't care what your clan is known for. Why did I need to know you like catching cheaters? I'm not responsible for my friends hurting your feelings. Play the game or don't. -----(At this point I had talked to everyone he played with and gotten their whole story.) RayRay: Ok dont grow be labeled as unfriendly scrubs with low grimoire. Was just giving you tips. Have fun and gg. Oh and my profile probably has more play time than your entire clan of 8. -----(I still hadn't asked for his credentials) RayRay: Your grim dont even rank as elite. When some one who knows more gives you a tip dont insult them. RayRay: Yes thats me personally saying it. Compared to me you suck. There since you dont wanna be nice and civalized. tried being nice giving you tips but i see you will never grow so again gg ----(I make it a point not to take tips from people who can't spell "civilized.") Me: Don't come swinging your dick and tell me you're trying to help me. It's a game and my clan has jobs and wives. I hope your clan is proud of all the gospel you're spreading. ----(I found out later that my clan members were annoyed by him because he spent a decent amount of time bragging that his last relationship was with a married woman, so that comment was more relevant than i knew) RayRay: Look you clan is teens my clan is grown and we have grown so unless your noob ass has some thing worth hearing -blam!- off Me: Classy RayRay: Lmao we got 2 14 yrolds that will own your clan in rumble by themselves so again gg and stop using players if you cant raid and cant poe quit playing ----(So your clan has teens, but mine is teens?) RayRay: Ima already posting about you clan your useless and wont provide new players with help so again phuq off -----(False: my clan loves helping new people. It shows that we know more than someone and we are that narcissistic. He was the only person in the raid party that my friends had never played with before, and it's clear he's not a new player. They ran both raids with him and he forced them to do things his way. My friends never said a bad word towards him, only I did that in this conversation.) Me: Don't take the game so seriously man. You'll never grow as a person if you get offended every time you get blocked. Me: Sweet! Send me a link to the post! And he has yet to post about us to my knowledge. Kids, the moral of the story here is to not be a jerk. The guys who he played with last night talked to me today separately, and they all told me that not a bad word was said towards him. He was trying things in VoG that weren't working and my friends called him out on it. We are used to doing things as efficiently and quickly as possible, so obviously it's annoying when one person drags out a raid to twice as long as it should be. Not to mention he was in a party with married men and was bragging about how his last relationship was with a married woman. They're not going to like you. I don't know as of my writing this what clan he is in, but I'm sending the link to his entire clan when I look it up. I will also send it to him so that he has his fair chance to respond. Hopefully he doesn't skip straight to reporting me because that's just no fun. TL;DR - XxRaven187xX wants to destroy our clan because he is threatened by our impressive skills despite our "low" grimoire scores Edit: I'm watching football and not sending this to his whole clan. There are too many people to message individually.

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