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Stop using the "No Exotics Left Behind" quote to justify your junk arguments...

[b][u]Reason 1) Most of you just want to keep your OP G-Horn[/u][/b] The vast majority of you people that are quoting that don't give a DAMN about your progress or your "Earned" weapons. You simply want to bring the G-Horn over so you can continue spamming it until the end of time. The weapon broke the game and now it is being taken away until such time that it no longer does that or until they can properly balance it in relation to the content. If G-Horn were to be carried to Year 2 you would not even see HALF as much whining. [b][u]Reason 2) All of you are taking the quote out of context. [/u][/b] Remember at the time the situation was that we were losing all of the XP and progress that we had gained on Exotics. Now we are talking about Exotics that are being left in the game, but just aren't being allowed forward. Those two situations are completely different. You get to keep your exotic and you get to keep your progress. They are simply being left behind until such time Bungie sees fit to allow them forward or finds time to properly balance them. [b][u]Reason 3) Contrary to popular belief things DO change[/u][/b] That quote is from [i]December of last year[/i] [i][b]BEFORE[/b][/i] the new weapon and armor system was even invented yet and before Taken King was even finished. Things are allowed to change and that is exactly what has happened here. They said that in relation to the content that was current at the time. New content means new situation New situation means new rules and new guidelines. They didn't say "No exotics will be left behind ever again". They said that in that instance no exotic would be left behind and that is exactly what happened. [b][u]Disclaimer: Do not mistake common sense and maturity for [i]Fanboyism[/i][/u][/b] I am not a "Desticle" so don't even start with that tired old argument. I am not defending them because I drink the cool aid or because I love their shit game. I am not even [i]buying[/i] TTK until after I see countless reviews and impressions. I also think their entire system of RNG is crap and despise the way they have handled this game and it potential. [b]I am defending them because I possess common sense and common sense shows you that this quote was made in a different time in a different situation with a different set of problems and different set of rules. Therefore it cannot be applied to a new situation with a new set of rules[/b] EDIT: Stop quoting the Weekly update at me. I KNOW what it says. He said that no exotics would be left behind and that they would be respected [i]AT THAT TIME[/i] The exotics [i]weren't[/i] left behind and they [i]were[/i] respected. Notice how the quote doesn't say that no exotic will EVER be left behind? He promised that in that instant at that time they would not be left behind. Not that they would NEVER EVER be left behind.

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