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>be me

>be me >24 >just started an agriculture business in Russia (cheaper land, relatively cheap labor) >producing milk (got around 200 cows that I bought with investors money) , got some chickens on the side producing eggs >start seeing some pretty good profits, expand to 600 cows, aiming for 1000 by end of year >business is growing quickly, move there from Germany to supervise directly (at request of investor) >have now been living in small Russian town in the countryside for almost a year >I don't mind, since I'm now making around 25k/month exporting my milk to other east European countries >don't even know how many cows I own right now >Someone knocks on my door >wtf, I have a secretary, how did he get past >then I realize >crap >I've been running a business in Russia and have yet to be visited by the Russian mafia >big guy with oiled black hair wearing a cheap suit, even introduces himself as "Sasha" >says that he "recommends" I purchase their "security services" >I’m not gonna take this crap >tell him to get lost >instantly realize this was an extremely bad move >"very well, friend. I am sorry for inconvenience. my associate will soon be in contact with you for a better offer." >everythingwentbetterthanexpected.jpg >walking home later that night >suddenly a bag gets pulled over my head >something hits me on my head and I go unconscious >wake up bleeding from head, tied to chair in a dimly lit room >after maybe an hour, a fifty something guy wearing a gold chain walks in holding a hammer >frowns at me and introduces himself as Vladislov >"I will show you what happens to foreign pigs that disrespect Bratva" >breaks my kneecaps >I have never felt this kind of pain >start crying and piss my pants; beg him to stop >he spits in my face and leaves >fifteen minutes later >he comes back with a tong >tears off my fingernail >at this point I'm reduced to incoherent begging >manage to say one thing to him >Vladislov >baby don't hurt me >don't hurt me >no more

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