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5/18/2024 3:36:49 AM

Enemy stomps and Teleporting is getting out of hand

Seems like with every update the enemy stomp just seems to kick you back further or just straight insta kill you on the spot. It has come to its absolute PEAK in Onslaught. Even a baby ogre ground stomp can send you halfway across the friggin world now. Got an ogre or a Brigg standing on a mine? Well even if you suspend or freeze them, their stomp AoE persists and can kill you despite them being frozen or string up. Now I'm getting 1hk in Gambit by trash mob enemy stomps too? What the heck is going on? One more thing. It's 2024, can we stop with the enemies teleporting everywhere? It seems to keep getting worse with each update. Once again, PEAK annoyance in Onslaught. So much enemies just appearing out of nowhere. It's literally run killers in the Legend mode through no fault of the player because you feel the need to spawn like 8 flipping ogres in a tiny little area only to auto teleport them to the ADU. Rant over.

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