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5/19/2024 1:46:22 AM
👆This👆 Been running 10s (normal mode) and the odd 20-run bounty - one of which extended to a 50-round completion…and since the update re the Brave Seal requirement has been changed from 10 Triumphs to 9 Triumphs, the ‘normal’ 10s are definitely not the same as before!? 🧐 Besides the teleporting hoards directly onto the ADU / platform, the super-tanky ohk hoards are more akin to Legend level enemies! At least, that’s how it seems to me. 🙄 I’m chasing 1x boss to complete the triumph - the Tormentor, but it’s getting beyond ridiculous now. I’ve got enough decent Brave weapons to not be bothered by chasing S-tier versions … so that ain’t why I continue playing Onslaught. I will do the Outbreak quest shortly, and once done, I’m done…Brave Seal sorted. ✅ It’s the ridiculous and very obvious ‘gating’ that ruins the Onslaught mode for me. I quite enjoy doing the 10s (Normal)…and chasing the S-tier guns…but, since the dial’s been turned up a few notches to Legend mode or something close, it just ain’t fun anymore! ❌🫤❌ Or, it could be just me and my teammates? 😵‍💫 Nah! 👈 The number of times we’ve been overwhelmed on a 10-run Normal mode is unreal…since the update! Something ain’t right…🧐 BHQ: SNAFU 🤡 cue: <crickets> 🙄 Note to Self: Ease springs! 🫡

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