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작성자: xMissyChrissy 4/14/2024 10:56:21 PM

Bottom switch on boss room in Onslaught won't activate

Me and some friends were playing Legendary Onslaught and made it to the first boss room on wave 10, only to find that we couldn't activate the last switch to open the door. We tried multiple different weapons, each person shooting them on their own, and we even ran all the way to the beginning of that part and ran back to see if that helped, but nothing worked. We had to wipe and start over. It was VERY frustrating. Edit: Apparently shooting these (and other switches like it in other activities) with weapons that have the explosive payload perk will cause it to break like this. And apparently this has been known for years?!!?!?!?! Why is it not patched?!
#Help #gameplay

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