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2/28/2024 11:37:19 AM

Why no mention of cheating?

I appreciate the new changes for PvP but why does Bungie go out of their way to avoid the cheating issues in their game when it comes to PvP? They can do everything else BUT address the cheating issues that plague this game and NEVER address them which is not healthy in the overall outcome. The blatant cheating of mod pack users who get away with using M&K on console has become a serious issue but still no word from Bungie on this issue, not even a peep. As players we should expect a certain protection from this and rightly so since we pay one of the most expensive fees to get seasonal content not to mention one of the absolutely absurd fees for cosmetic items that most other games give for free as appreciation for just taking time to play their games. Destiny is probably the most unique PvP experience that you will ever get to play but for some reason Bungie refuses to protect you as a player from cheating. You can watch these cowards constantly cheat every weekend in Trials or in comp without repercussions while apparently PvE has a very strict get banned for life instantly policy. Where is the protection from this for us from the continuous cheating? Why are these players not permanently removed from the game, their PC’s or consoles not completely banned? Why are the gamer tags not plastered all over to give players a heads up of who they are? It’s almost like Bungie promotes it by not doing anything while claiming they do but in the process not doing anything at all. I hate to say it but by doing nothing Bungie has not only alienated their core base of PvP players but encouraged cheaters to ruin the experience by not taking action. Battle Eye was supposed to be the end of cheaters but instead has proven to do nothing more than be a good excuse or even a really bad excuse because cheating is not only the reason players don’t play PvP but run from it. I really hope I’m wrong about everything I’ve written but the lack of acknowledgment from Bungie on this subject doesn’t help. The makers of the mod packs not only violate Bungie’s term of service by allowing the functionality they provide but cheapen the experience of those of us who want fair games so where are the lawsuits from Bungie against them? Until Bungie acknowledges this issue and shows they take it seriously I’m going to continue to think they have no intention of caring about it because to be honest I don’t think they do.

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