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작성자: BNGHelp6 9/1/2023 4:43:35 PM

[BNG] Crota's End: List of Disables for WF Race (Update: 9:43 AM PT)

[i]Lasted Updated: 9:43 AM PDT[/i] To protect the integrity of the World First race, below is the list of gear, items, and weapons that will be disabled during the Crota's End reprised World First race and Contest Mode. Traits and functionality on the following items will be nullified within the raid, with additional negative impacts to Power levels if equipped: [u][b]GAME WIDE [i](including Crota's End)[/i][/b][/u] 💠Frenzied Stacks Artifact Mod 💠All Ammo Reserve Mods 💠All Font Armor Charge Mods 💠Elemental Munitions Mod 💠Warlock Weavewalk Aspect (currently disabled in all raids and PvP activities) 💠Empowering Finisher armor mod [u][b]CROTA'S END ONLY[/b][/u] 💠Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle 💠Warlock Weavewalk Aspect (currently disabled in all raids and PvP activities) 💠Titan Banner of War Aspect 💠Foetracer Exotic Hunter Helmet 💠Overload Hand Cannon Artifact Mod 💠Malfeasance Exotic 💠Secant Filaments Exotic This thread will be updated if more items need to be disabled during the race and contest mode.

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