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Jubilant Engram Issue - Updated August 8, 2019
Destiny 2

During the Revelry 2019, we identified an issue with the knockout list for the Jubilant Engram. Please see below for more information on the original issue and the resolutions we have deployed to address it. This help article was updated on August 8, 2019 to provide more information on deployed and planned fixes.

The Jubilant Engram Bug

During the Revelry 2019, we identified an issue with the knockout list for the Jubilant Engram. Receiving armor on a second or third character class could improperly reset the knockout list for the Jubilant Engram before the player had actually received all items in the knockout list. Players could only enter the bugged state once they had opened a large number of Jubilant Engrams across multiple character classes. Once in the bugged state, players who continued to open engrams could still receive some items they had not yet unlocked, potentially begin receiving duplicate items, and/or be blocked from receiving account-scoped items, such as Emotes or Ghost Projections.

The Fix on May 8

For the fix on May 8, we identified players who opened enough engrams to be in the bugged state and then compared the number of unique items they received to the number of engrams they opened. For players who had a discrepancy between those numbers, we added an appropriate number of Jubilant Engrams to their inventory. 

The goal of the May 8 fix was to allow these affected players to gain the items they would have received during the Revelry if the bug had not existed. 
  • If the player in question had opened enough engrams to receive all the items on a given character class, the granted engrams would fill in the missing pieces for that given character class. 
  • If the player in question had hit the bug but not opened enough engrams to receive all the items on a given character class, the granted engrams would give them the appropriate amount of items based on the Jubilant Engram’s intended drop chances

Secondary Fix in Update 2.2.0

We recognized that the May 8 fix and the communications around it caused a significant amount of confusion and did not meet player expectations.  In an effort to better meet player expectations and provide a more satisfactory resolution, we deployed a secondary fix to impacted accounts. 

The secondary fix allowed the affected players to complete their collection of armor items from the Revelry’s Jubilant Engram. All players who qualified for the May 8 fix received bundles from Tess Everis that contained the Jubilant Engram armor pieces for each class. When opened, these bundles provide only the missing armor pieces that the account has not already unlocked. They will not provide duplicates of armor pieces that players received previously.

Final Fix in October 2019

Since both the May 8 fix and Update 2.2.0, we have monitored player responses to this issue with the Jubilant Engram and the two fixes we have deployed. In particular, we have closely monitored players reporting that they opened the original May 8 fix on the wrong characters, which reduced the effectiveness of the fix. Additionally, we have been investigating responses from players who believe the original bug affected their accounts but did not receive either of the deployed fixes.

To address these two populations of players, we are deploying a third and final fix for this issue. Once deployed, the fix will be applied to all players who opened enough Jubilant Engrams that they could have potentially entered the bugged state. The fix will allow qualified players to gain access to all of the remaining items from the Jubilant Engram that they have not yet unlocked on their account. Due to our deployment timelines, we are currently targeting this fix to go live in late October 2019.
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