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Guardians 0f The Dead

「Protect the Living. Walk among the Dead...」

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    Have fun raiding, striking, and nightfalling!

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1/16/2015 12:29:37 PM

AwakendChaos welcomes you.

Hello everyone hope you all have been doing as well as I have been lately. I just wanted to take some time to get more involved with kicking as much as ass as we can. My Toons 32 Titan 31 Warlock 31 ( soon to be 32) Hunter I am highly experienced in both Raids and even have the Flawless Raider Achievement. I lead raids on all three toons and have foolproof strategy for every stage. I also spoil myself in the blood of the crucible on a fairly regular basis. As of recently I've been ranked in the top 100 Xbox One competitive players of January. This being said, I am constantly looking for people for all sorts of runs or just to get a group in slaughtering Clashes. Either way if that is something you are interested in you can always let me know. AwakendChaos is my gamer tag I live in MST American Time zone but I am often online at strange hours.



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