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Need Help With the Raid

「We help people with little to no experience through the Raid」

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    We help people complete the raid for the first time to get them started. As we play through the raid we will teach you all the parts and mechanics of the raid itself. Requirements: level 26 at least, mic required, at least 2-3 hours three (tend more toward 3) We do the raid from start to finish so please don't ask us to help with a certain part of the raid.

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5/29/2019 6:38:24 PM

Never done a raid

Ive never done any raid D1 or D2 but id like to but nobody on xb i. willing to carry a no mic having raid newbie through one



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  • I've done leviathan once without a mic but only calus cp as that's the easiest part and I really struggled to get that group. FYI I have a mic just cba to use it. I've also gone through EOW got to final boss phase and everyone had to go because it took us like 4 hours but the raid had just released that day. My point is if you aren't willing to use a mic or don't have one there is no place for you in raids. May aswell just accept you'll never complete one.



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