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Need Help With the Raid

「We help people with little to no experience through the Raid」

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    We help people complete the raid for the first time to get them started. As we play through the raid we will teach you all the parts and mechanics of the raid itself. Requirements: level 26 at least, mic required, at least 2-3 hours three (tend more toward 3) We do the raid from start to finish so please don't ask us to help with a certain part of the raid.

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Scuphにより編集済み: 1/4/2015 11:17:02 PM

Flawless Raid (read desc.)

Hi i am looking for [b]FIVE HUNTERS[/b] on[b] PS4[/b] who are [b]LVL 30+ with GJALLARHORN[/b] plz comment if you do or will (comment what requirement you dot meet) meet the requirements above. EDIT: Congrats to everyone who was involved glad we did it. pi314pi bundy1417 Jimbo_Huss MiguelNunez425 PH-eaagle Seth_Edwards



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