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    [Open] Non-profit PvX Community Discord Code: pdG5nhV Thank you! ヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ)ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ

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Rise of Punching Babies: Destiny 2 2019 Edition

[b][u]Fellow Guardians:[/u][/b] [b]Event Type[/b]: Private-hosted PC Crucible Tournament [b]Discord[/b]: [url][/url] [b]Max Participants[/b]: 24 (First Come, First Serve) [b]1st Prize[/b]: Redeemable NA currency game card. [b]Date & Time[/b]: January 19, 2019 aka Sat at 1PM PST / 4PM EST/ 9PM BST & GMT/ 10PM CEST / Sun 10 AM NZDT. [b]RSVP[/b]: [url][/url] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This tournament is a [u]team and individual[/u] slug-fest aimed at having a wide-community blast! Play your favorite style, fight for bragging rights and there will be a prize aimed for the very top! [b]Tournament specifics[/b]: [quote] - Game Match settings will be set by assigned proxies for each team. - Please adhere to bungie's CoC rules and our discord rules when engaging on text and voice chats. (Any behavior violation may result in immediate disqualification & moderation as kids use our server). [/quote] While there are no restrictions for participant setup, I strongly encourage everyone to have a team and individual build. Each match will have a brief orbit bathroom/stretch break in between. Prior to the elimination round, I will sort players into teams and then the final/winning team will rumble for the prize. There will be 2nd chances during mid-phase and possible streamers. [i] [b]Will you rise to the challenge? [/b][/i] [i]PS: This post is not for clan recruitment. We welcome the community to join with us in a fun-open contest next week. More information about our clan can be found on my bungie profile for those interested. [/i]



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