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「Guardians, out!」

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    Check out [url=][u]IGN[/u]'s[/url] [url=]Fireteam Chat on [b]IGN[/b][/url] and [url=][b]YouTube[/b][/url] for the latest Destiny news each week! This is the official Destiny group for IGN. The clan tag is only available to IGN personnel.

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    9 年(グループ設立から)
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11/5/2020 7:08:12 AM

Error Code Australia needs you!

Error Code Australia Needs You! Xbox One Clan name: Error Code Australia Platform: Xbox One Region/Time Zone: Australia/NZ About Error Code Australia: Do you always find yourself using lfg because you can't fill a team then join Error Code and that'll be a thing of the past. 70+ members and growing. Our clan is made of active like minded guardians looking for end game content. We are all based in Australia/NZ and operate strictly through Discord which is a requirement. We are currently looking to expand, focussing on increasing our PvP player base first whilst also hunting for competent PvE players all to tackle the hardest challenges Destiny has to offer: Seasonal Content Raids Triumphs & Seals Low-man challenges PvP & Competitive Trials of osiris Privates Our requirements: Be active and 18+ Have 1.2 K/D with 500+ games and/or 30+ raid completions Must have most recent DLC content



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