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    Check out [url=][u]IGN[/u]'s[/url] [url=]Fireteam Chat on [b]IGN[/b][/url] and [url=][b]YouTube[/b][/url] for the latest Destiny news each week! This is the official Destiny group for IGN. The clan tag is only available to IGN personnel.

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10/16/2018 8:45:17 PM

Xbox one Clan Cayde's Forsaken Army is Recruiting Active players Age 18&Up

Xbox one destiny 2 clan Cayde’s Forsaken Army is Recruiting Active Players Age 18 & up to help each other with raids,Nightfall’s, Heroic Strikes. Who will be activate in the clan asking for help and helping clan members out no free rides will be allowed. Must be active in chat to stay.we are a friendly clan of experienced destiny 1 players we are all adults please send a request and I’ll accept it.



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