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    Check out [url=][u]IGN[/u]'s[/url] [url=]Fireteam Chat on [b]IGN[/b][/url] and [url=][b]YouTube[/b][/url] for the latest Destiny news each week! This is the official Destiny group for IGN. The clan tag is only available to IGN personnel.

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7/18/2018 8:23:41 PM

Looking for new fireteam

Adult gamer looking for new fireteam/friends for anything in Destiny 2. I am a D1 vet with raid a ton of raid experience. I'm a all around good teammate for anything in D2. I do not sit on destiny all day but I am active. I find it hard to sit on a game when I have to play solo. I am trying to find active players 18+ with skill (I'm sick of carrying people) that work as a team and not rush off to do everthing alone. I'm a strong confident player that will help you get the job done... whatever that may be. I'm a Ps4 player message me at JpDragon02.



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