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    So I decided to make a clan, after searching for the right one and not being able to find what I was looking for. I would like this clan to to work together to make the best guardians. I hate searching for a fire team and only reading we require you to have this or that or don't bother trying to join our game. Yes it sucks at times as a day one player when you run into someone who just picked the game up and they have everything you've been grinding for, for the past year but it happens. In this clan there will be no "requiring" other players to meet certain requirements in order to join the clan or to play with others as I said lets make a clan of the best guardians possible let's help the other players who are new or just may have horrible luck when it comes to getting good drops. This is a new clan and I will be looking for admins to help keep this a great clan. Feel free to add me my psn: danger_dim

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    4 年(グループ設立から)
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