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KING Mufassaにより編集済み: 2/2/2015 8:49:02 PM

New PvP playlist rewards gamer SKILL!

The Back-to-Basics playlist features all 4 traditional game modes and an all new Capture-the-Flag mode. All modes will play normally aside from the following modifications: -Supers will require 50% more energy to activate. -Heavy ammo will take 50% longer to spawn. -Radar will only display those enemies who are either firing their weapon, activating a skill, or throwing a grenade. This playlist is intended to intensify competition and satisfy those players who enjoy a more traditional first-person-shooter PvP experience, where shooting skill (aiming, reflexes, hand-eye coordination) and positional strategy (flanking, sneaking, holding position) are rewarded more than in our traditional playlist. Are you a joker who gets most of your kills from supers and heavy ammo?...Or do you have what it takes to display true first-person-shooter prowess? Let's see what you've got. Back-to-Basics. Included with the House of Wolves expansion, March 10.



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