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the dude により編集済み: 1/27/2015 12:04:43 AM

why is it

Why is it that all 4 random forum PUG's I joined today at the Crota checkpoint on NORMAL were full of trash guardians? Get your shit together guys. If you don't have heavy synth, go -blam!-ing get some. If you are using a blue auto rifle, go jump off a bridge. If you are a 32 and refuse to take the sword, blam your blamming face off. If you are a 28 and the rest of the team is carrying you, first of all you are hella lucky that people are that cool to you, second there is absolutely NO reason for you to leave the crystal room. You are worthless. Stay there and cry in the on top of a door frame. If you are shooting the boomers, why can't you hit them in the face? How did you make it 30+ levels without understanding how precision shooting works? If you have the sword, for the sake of the terrible shots that are assigned to boomers, please take the chalice. If you are a Titan, why the BLAM are you using striker? Wtf When the ogres come out.... DO NOT TRY TO MELEE THEM. Unless you are Chuck Norris. 5% of this community is good. The other 95 is pitiful Tl;dr Get gud



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