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MordorLord9837により編集済み: 1/16/2015 8:36:13 PM

Buying Gear is Better Than "Earning" It

If you grind out the Roc Strikes that give you Decoherent Engrams that turn into Strange Coins, you deserve Icebreaker. If you stayed up until 3am to do Lvl 30 Weeklys on all of your characters, you deserve Icebreaker. If RNGesus handed you an Icebreaker for doing a Roc Strike with a whopping total of 14 kills, or for whamming on Crota while he stares at the ground for an hour, or for turning in an Engram that you got by jumping into your pals Nightfall, you [u]do not deserve Icebreaker.[/u] I been here since Week 1. Debate me. I'm a masterdebater. [b][u]EDIT:[/u][/b] Let me be clear: I don't hate people who obtain weapons or armor from Strikes, engrams, or Crucible. I hate people who are dicks to other people because they think that they're the ones who earned theirs more. Fact: You both have one, so what's the point of whining about it?



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