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Set Router to Bridge Mode Step-by-Step Guide: Possible solution to Caterpillar and other network errors

Now before you say "its not my network its Bungie servers" or "I've never had an issue with any other game" just know I said the same thing before stumbling across this fix. It may very well by Bungie's issue but when you are getting DC'd it makes it your issue as well. This fix may allow Destiny's servers to handle your connection better. It certainly has fixed my connection as well as a few others who have taken the time to try. If you don't want to try don't, but I won't be seeing you in the tower. Now, I am not a networking expert nor do I know the exact reason that this fix has worked for me. Whether it reduce packet loss or decrease time between communicating with Bungie's servers reducing the chance you get disconnected. None of that matters if it works. It could be some sort of voodoo magic for all I care. This fix is only for those of you who are using a modem/router combination hardware such as the Ubee DDW365. Their are many other brands and models out there. This hardware acts as both a modem and a router and is commonly given to customers from their ISP. Mine was given to my from TWC. To complete the fix you will have to have a spare router such as a Netgear or Linksys. Whatever should work. 1. Access your current router/modem settings by typing the default gateway into the web address bar in you browser. Google how to find your default gateway if you don't know how. [url=]Here[/url] is a video guide. 2. From here you can find the bridge mode option that will turn your modem/router combo into a modem exclusively. To find the menu settings you will have to Google "how to access bridge mode on <insert model here>" Every brand/model is different so I cannot tell you how to reach the option on your specific one. If you can't find it call support for the hardware and they can tell you how to do it. 3. Connect your spare router to the modem by inserting an ethernet cord from the "internet" port on the router to the first ethernet port on the modem. It is probably best to do this while the modem and routers are unplugged. 4. Power up your modem and wait 30 seconds. Power up the router. 5. Now your modem and router are "bridged". 6. Access the new router settings the same way you did in step one. The IP may be different. 7. In these settings forward the required ports per Bungie and Xbox/PS recommendations. 8. Set up your console with a static IP as well. I used googles DNS ( and Now your old modem/router will act solely as a modem and will not have to handle routing responsibilities. A dedicated router is much better at this and you will receive less packet loss and a more solid connection to your internet. I did this guide in a hurry so sorry if it is pretty vague. I will try to update it soon with links and stuff to help out but don't have the time at the moment. Please respond below whether this worked/did not work for you. My error was mainly Caterpillar and Hawk but it seems that other error codes may be a result of the same issues.



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