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Sgt Bash X77により編集済み: 1/25/2015 1:23:20 PM

Damage calculation?

Since this week I've been testing some of my snipers to see if I could come up with how damage is calculated in Destiny. But for some reason the formula doesn't want to be discovered. I don't have tons of data, but I had enough for the more simple equations. But these don't seem to work out. So is there anyone who knows how the damage is calculated, or wants to help finding out how it's calculated? Because that is something I really want to find out. And maybe if we get Deej to notice this question he could ask around and give the answer to us. Here is the data I've collected so far. Old Snipers: Icebreaker: Attack 300 - Impact 25 - Damage 6420/1284 The Supremacy: Attack 300 - Impact 25 - Damage 6114/1223 Prudence II: Attack 300 - Impact 6 - Damage 3669/734 Praedyth's Revenge: Attack 267/300 - Impact 9 - Damage 3325/665 Broken Truth-LR1: Attack 248/300 - Impact 16 - Damage 3732/747 New Snipers: LDR 5001: Attack 331 - Impact 25 - Damage 7000/1400 Efrideet's Spear: Attack 331- impact 32 - Damage 7586/1518 Y-09 Longbow Synthesis: Attack 272/331 - Impact 25 - Damage 5341/1069 *The damage was done on Level 30 Goblin Desciples while at Level 30. *The impact stats come from [url=]PlanetDestiny[/url] and [url=]DestinyDB[/url]. My conclusions so far, but still no answer: While Icebreaker has the same impact rating as The Supremacy, due to a barrel upgrade it gets more impact and thus more damage per shot. However any other upgrade that give a impact boost according to the impact bar doesn't increase damage. I've tested this already with the Prudence II and Efrideet's Spear, both had an upgrade which increased the impact according to the impact bar, but the damage didn't increase at all. From some easy calculations I made, it seemed clear that there has to be some kind of impact and attack rating modifier. But my math skills aren't that great so I can't find the right formula. I already tried using x and y as the attack and impact modifiers, and I can solve the the formulas that way. But the numbers don't match up with the damage that is done. Also if you look at the percentage the attack rating increases/decreases it doesn't seem to add up to the increase/decrease in damage. It could also be the case that the old en new snipers have different modifiers and trying to get the formula this way is impossible. I've come up with a formula, but I don't know if it's completly accurate. For Legendary snipers with a max 331 attack rating and 25 impact it seems to work. Although sometimes it's a little off. The formula works better the other way around, if you want to calculate Attack rating compared to damage done. The higher the impact rating the lower the number (b) will get. I haven't been able to calculate everything yet. If you change the attack rating not only will the attack rating modifier change but also the number (b). I've no idea how impact changes these numbers, so if your math skills are better than mine, help is appreciated. * This is non-precision damage. Precision damage for snipers is the base damage x5. Y-09 Longbow Synthesis (Impact 25) Dmg= 5,6101695 x Attack rating - 456,9661 Attack 272 - actual damage 1069 - calculated damage 1068,9751 Attack 283 - actual damage 1127 - calculated damage 1130,7119 Attack 294 - actual damage 1189 - calculated damage 1192,4237 Attack 306 - actual damage 1258 - calculated damage 1259,7458 Attack 331 - actual damage 1400 - calculated damage 1400,0000 Praedyth's Revenge (Impact 9) Dmg= 3,57576 x Attack rating - 289,7272727 Attack 267 - actual damage 665 - calculated damage 665,0000 Attack 277 - actual damage 701 - calculated damage 700,7576 Attack 288 - actual damage 739 - calculated damage 740,0909 Attack 300 - actual damage 783 - calculated damage 783,0000



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